Let’s Take This To The Bedroom Meme #CoupleGoals

Why do women feel the need to be so cryptic and choose not to say what they really mean? It’s so confusing. If she didn’t want to take the couch to the bedroom, why did she say that she wants to?

You wanna take this to the bedroom? Alright, I'll grab this end, you get the other.

8 thoughts on “Let’s Take This To The Bedroom Meme #CoupleGoals”

  1. I don’t believe he asked for consent before picking up that couch. Just made a demand like the white patriarchy always does! Too bad there’s no real women out there to take a stand against this misogyny like Caitlyn Jenner, Lily Wachowski or Hari Nef!

  2. Your three examples are all walking, taking, train wrecks.
    You need to seek out roll models that enhance not destroy
    human decency.

  3. Oh, no. You are so fragile. Poor thing.

  4. Caitlyn Jenner is misogynistic himself!

  5. Da Judge. Role. Unless you have models for buns.

  6. None of them are women!

  7. So boring without the politics and trolls

  8. She’s just surprised he could get it up…

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