People Could Learn a Lot From Bill

13 thoughts on “People Could Learn a Lot From Bill”

  1. After a week, I feel like ripping the heads of the people peosting these. Annoying passive-aggressive shit.

  2. That’s because you see yourself in most of these.

  3. First snow! Going to a gym party to play farmville! Exersise that brain, with help from this soy vegan latte! Best way to start the weekend. Click like if your a true friend, cause nothing good ever happens to me…. even with the hours of charity I do.
    *immediately sends farmville invites to everyone possible and then uploads enough pictures to turn into a 5 minute video*

  4. Bill doesn’t understand the basic concept of social networks. Don’t be like Bill.

  5. This is Hell Toupee,
    Hell Toupee loves it when friends post pictures of snow because Hell Toupee lives somewhere that never gets snow.
    The rest of them I agree with, even if posting those idiotic Bill memes is about as annoying as what they’re complaining about.

  6. Bill still uses Facebook, so therefore bill is a worthless jerk.
    Don’t be like Bill.

  7. Joe Bob here, Bubba don’t understand social mediams either. He set up a date over the innernet and got a social desease. I tole him don’t go on social mediams they’ll get ya in trouble. BTW, Bill is a stick figure and should be burnt to the ground.

  8. This is Bull
    Bull doesn’t make passive-aggressive posts trying to look cool
    Bull is smart
    Be like Bull

  9. Not sure if you’re doing this on purpose, but…
    *Exersize *You’re

  10. meh

  11. These were pretty neat, but are in danger of becoming a victim of their own popularity.

  12. This is Bill
    Bill does not exist
    so be like Bill
    Bill is smart
    Go shoot yourself

  13. I’m so glad there were “share” buttons below these …

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