This Is So Dumb In The Best Way Possible


I am not saying a word without my lawyer present. You are the lawyer. Exactly, so where is my present?


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  1. Anonymous May 17, 2021

    present or present?

    • The sign is a subtle joke. The shop is called “Sneed’s Feed & Seed”, where “feed” and “seed” both end in the sound “-eed”, thus rhyming with the name of the owner, Sneed. The sign says that the shop was “Formerly Chuck’s”, implying that the two words beginning with “F” and “S” would have ended with “-uck”, rhyming with “Chuck”. So, when Chuck owned the shop, it would have been called “Chuck’s Feeduck and Seeduck”.

  2. Anonymous May 18, 2021

    oh I see, the word ‘present’ means two things. That’s why funny. Hahaa

  3. Least of the Wurst May 18, 2021

    Makes about as much cents/sents/sense/ as the Bat joke above.

  4. Anonymous May 18, 2021

    As a 50+ year old dad, I approve of this joke.

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