Late To The Job Interview


Sorry I'm late. I broke down on the way to the interview. Oh no, is your car running ok now? My car?


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  1. I blame cold showers, climate change, Christians and Republicans November 25, 2022

    Memes about mental illness will make every one want to harm someone with mental illness. Before long there be people walking around with tiki torches rounding up the insane, harvesting their ballots, stepping in their poo and kicking them off their door step.

    You must stop this before it’s too late!

    • Symphony of Destruction November 25, 2022


    • Does your mother know you snuck out of the basement, and causing mayhem again.

    • If Americans had real healthcare mental illness wouldn’t be such a problem in the U.S. Other countries care for their people. Americans are just human material for the 1%. Slaves.

    • @Anon#2
      I have noticed euro pee’in streamers with hoodies and winter caps on while streaming from the kitchens. Can you get a prescription from your national state doc to turn the thermostat up so you don’t catch your death of cold?

    • I don’t know what you are talking about but my heating is running fine. Streamers just earn enough money for heating maybe. Or it’s for the clicks. Better get them a real job.
      Better not eat everything that comes out of the behinds of your beloved rightard leaders, Yank.

    • Edit: don’t earn

  2. Do not hire this gal. She will be high maintenance right from the start. She will find
    ways to make life miserable to her coworkers, and management. She will eventually
    cost the company a small fortune to get her out the door.

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