This Might Hurt a Little Bit

Kids have to find out somehow that Santa isn’t real. The sad news might as well be delivered by a dentist. At least from now on her parents will get the credit for Christmas presents.

Kids have to find out somehow that Santa isn't real.

33 thoughts on “This Might Hurt a Little Bit”

  1. Sure he is. No wait, I’m thinking Satan.

  2. Satan ist real. He goes under his artist name Putin this way. Best friend of American president Donald Trump. And several other autocrats and nazis.

  3. Trump Biden.

  4. This may hurt a bit, Trump is a lunatic.

  5. It’s weird how all the people that hate trump still call him president!

  6. Because he lives in their heads rent free. Strange since he has nothing to do with them. I think they just wished Trudeau was like him. Wait.. he is like him.

  7. Arent all ex-presidents called president?

  8. Every negative word about Trump is a positive word about Biden. At this point, how could anyone say anything positive about Joe Biden? You would have to be a complete moron to believe Biden is mentally or physically capable of serving another term. And yet they honestly think he can. Madness.

  9. He’s in better mental shape than Trump ever was.

  10. I don’t believe you believe that. You don’t even believe that you believe that. Not unless you’re not paying attention.

  11. Biden articulates poorly, Trump’s talks pure nonsense.

  12. Well.. Biden is a potato. But it doesn’t matter really since YOU DON’T LIVE, WORK OR VOTE IN THE US! Your just not allowed to talk about Canadian politics online or you’ll be arrested. Everyone knows that. You just sound dumb whining about things that don’t involve you. Really dumb. Stop it.

  13. Since the US is trying to rule the world, it does affect everybody whether the US votes for a “potato” or a clown.

  14. The American people just want to keep are money at home and not fight everyone else wars. They just need to fix their Gov. Trump was the most peaceful President they’ve had in a long time. Biden, or Genocide Joe is a war monger obviously. Not a tough choice if that’s all they have to pick from.

  15. The “most peaceful president” brought the US the closest to nuclear war since the Cuba crisis.

  16. All we see now, the Ukraine war and Russia’s aggression happened thanks to Trump’s admiration towards Pútin. It encouraged the little guy.
    And the most of the weapons money for Ukraine stays in the U.S. Because the weapons are build and bought from U.S. companies.
    Jobs and money for the American people. No wonder the Reps are against it.

  17. Oh right! EVERYTHING is President Trumps fault. Biden is just a powerless knob unable to prevent President Trumps will even after all these years. 🤣😂. Typical Lefttard. Obama did the same thing. Blame everyone but the current Person in charge. Pathetic.

  18. The current person in charge of that war is Putin, not Biden.

  19. The one winning the war the Biden regime forced him into by trying to make Ukraine a NATO country. Ukraine is toast now. Hundreds of thousands dead and their cities rubblized. All to create an Israel 2.0. Maybe Canada can start a draft and ship some of their kids off to die if your so worried about it. Go be a bullet catcher for Biden/Israel.

  20. Putin was forced to invade Ukraine by a “powerless knob”?

  21. Yes. If Russia tried to make Mexico a communist country you would have a similar result. War. When the Biden regime announced Ukraine would start the process to become a NATO country you had war. Shocker. Biden also blew up the North Stream pipeline forcing Europe to buy natural gas from the US. American under Biden is not your friend. If it ever was.

  22. Putin has given a dozen different excuses of why he invaded Ukraine, making it very evident he had only one reason: Make Russia great again, after the dis-integration of the USSR.

  23. Never mind. You obviously are incapable of reasoned thought. You probably believed all the Russian Russia BS about Trump. It’s ok. It’s your right to believe BS feed to you by Government controlled media. Good luck with that.

  24. Says the must gullible person on earth.

  25. Putin is a great leader. Not as great as I am though. I like him. We are friends. He even tried to help me with the election. Told me I won. True story.

  26. I still have youR number, gReat fRiend. And the peepee video NeveR foRget. Kisses, Vlad.

  27. Russia! Russia! Proven lies from Hillary. No pee tape, sorry. All proven BS. And Drumf still won. That how bad the left is. Their trying to kill democracy in court to save democracy. Save us from these Godless American hating swine.

  28. Taking somebody to court over multiple attempts to steal the election is killing democracy? You have a twisted brain.

  29. It’s only justice if my crimes are ignored. – Conservative Logic

  30. Meanwhile in Canada Justine will begin murdering the mentally I’ll in March. You should be focusing on your own country’s crimes instead of obsessing over the politics of other peoples country’s. You won’t, of course, but you should. Mentally ill people are defenseless. It’s like killing puppies you psycho’s.

  31. Trying to distract the course of justice by bringing up a fake issue? Sad.

  32. Course of justice.. you don’t even live in the US! You’re pathetic. Obsessed with politics that have nothing to do with you while you’re country is returning to Germany in the 1930s. Do you even realize what you look like? Oh no, something is happening in a country I don’t live, work or vote in, but it’s ALL I can talk and think about. Talk about derangement syndrome.

  33. Sadly, American politics affects the entire world. The right goose-stepping behind a unsuccessful putchist that considers himself above the law and calls people “vermin” is strikingly similar to Germany in the 1930s.

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