This Might Hurt a Little Bit


A good dentist always warns when he's about to do something that might hurt a bit, so the patient can get ready.


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  1. This might hurt a little bit; Trump is a liar, pervert, traitor, and suffering fat man syndrome.
    This might hurt a little bit; Putin is a liar, a maniac, and a mass murderer.

  2. And you’re a useless troll. Get a life, loser.

    • I own a beautiful home, have a summer cottage at the lake, have a work truck, a
      pleasure truck that hauls my boat around, ample money, a great family, and employ
      23 people.
      What have you achieved Revresbo?

    • Anonymous March 2, 2022

      It made me chuckle. Lil girl is cute.

    • Anonymous March 2, 2022

      Revresbo is so cunning, so he thinks.
      Reversing a word is so middle school.

    • Reversing names was a nightmare during middle school. Ugh.

  3. Anonymous March 3, 2022

    Santa is vaccinated. That’s why antivaxxers hate X-mas.

    • Anonymous March 3, 2022

      Didn’t your peers back in grade two talk to you about Santa. Maybe the information
      was too hard to absorb.
      On a different note, you’re a dumb little shit.

    • Anonymous March 3, 2022

      Wait.. are you saying Santa Isn’t real? Nooooooo!

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