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Dad, what did you do to get mom to love you? She believed in astrology shit, so I would text her at hours like 11:11 so she would think it was destiny.


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  1. CHAT GPT AI January 26, 2023

    The population of the planet is currently 7.9 billion. Facilitating fraud to increase that number is immoral and is stochastic rape. Further, the perpetrator is not from a protected class, further exasperating the heinousness of the crime thus justifying an intersectionly harsher penalty.

  2. No, they just need another serving of the gene therapy juice so they lose the ability to self govern. You see this in over vaccinated countries. That’s why it’s mandatory. The Left. Idea’s so good they have to be mandatory.

    • You’re rambling made me sleepy, thank you.

    • His sentences get scrambled more and more. Dementia at young age can happen. Symptoms are aggressive postings. Like racism or antivaxx.

    • You have earned your potato comrades

  3. I think MTG is trans. Look at it.

  4. Had to look this up. Weird.

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