Kanye vs. God



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  1. But isn’t Kanye God?

  2. The Libertine February 18, 2016

    Kanye should be teaching MBA marketing courses at the best universities. He is a master of social media. Like Trump, he fundamentally understands how gullible consumers are — staying relevant, having people know who you are and talk about you…because for every 10 people who think he’s “insane,” there will be one who will buy his products. His antics just increase the potential pool of consumers. Brilliant.

    • Is that why he is 75 million in the red? :)

    • Bubba and Joe Bob February 19, 2016

      Joe Bob and me talked it over. Here’s yer scary thought for the day… The Pres. VP ticket could be Trump and K. West. Mebbe we should hide our heads under the covers.

  3. Why would a god bother himself with such an unimportant human?

  4. It's a jeep thing.... February 18, 2016

    “Don’t talk to it Merry. Don’t encourage it.”
    – Pippin

  5. Why is God judging Mike Tyson?

    • Mike Tyson? I thought the guy in the first picture is that guy from Hot Chocolate. Great voice, to be honest.

  6. Whats’s the difference between God and Kanye? God doesn’t think he’s Kanye.

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