It’s Really Important To Know The Difference


These two are not the same. Please learn the difference and don't mix up Justin Timberlake and Timber Just In Lake in future.


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  1. The later being the more entertaining of the two…

    • How often do you go looking for wet paint so you can watch it dry?

    • Pretty much whenever anyone named Justin (Timberlake,Trudeau, Bieber) comes on TV. 🤢🤮

  2. UbervaxenfĂĽhrer March 25, 2022

    Is that Jacinda in the backround looking at his azz?

    • What? A Monomaniac! March 26, 2022

      At least someone is gettin’ some action around here.

  3. There is something in the name Justin that irritates me.

    • Your stupidity maybe. I mean, he’s more intelligent, successfull and handsome than you.

    • YoMommaOnBlast March 26, 2022

      Yo momma stupiditity; she should have aborted yo ass.

    • Obviously both your parents were called Justin(e).

  4. It’s a cult. Justine Pierre Trudeau Castro worshippers. He can do no wrong in their eyes. Even when the World thinks he’s a joke and told him that to his face. He’s an actor reading a script he’s been given. When he’s not raping teen girls and doing black face.

    • Or committing his more ethics’s violations. Convicted of three, what a few more.

    • Still better than a president like Trump. He killed millions of American citizens by neglecting his duties and playing golf instead. Mass murderer.
      And the world didn’t say anything like that in Trudeau’s face. He shakes hands at the summits. The summits where Swamp King pushed away other state leaders to be in front of the photographers. Narcissistic mass murderer.
      And not forget all the fraud, crime and destroyed lifes Trump is involved in. Narcissistic mass murderering sociapath.

    • Do not forget: March 27, 2022

      Also Trump is known as a rapist. Probably a child molesters and in an incestious relationship with his daughter. He just buys himself out of prison. Fake justice system USA.

  5. Trump’s vaccine? The vaccines were made against Trump’s orders. But he can’t command the pharmaceutical companies.
    All democrat scandals between 2016 and 2020 were fake. Not even the FBI, CIA or NSA under Trump supported his crooked lies. Because they know he’s a Russian puppet.

  6. Can you even imagine this level of brain washing.. you have to actually TRY not to see the truth. 4th Jab is available now. Might as well go all in on the crazy and get it.

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