The Difference Between Justice and Social Justice


13 thoughts on “The Difference Between Justice and Social Justice”

  1. That’s pretty accurate

  2. I don’t get it….

  3. Translation: “I maded up my own special meaning for ‘social justice’. Now I can pretend it’s bad.”

  4. “You” nailed it.

  5. Basically, you don’t know the difference between social activism and social justice.

    Please offer your own general description/definition of “Social Justice.”

  7. It’s Diane Abbott!

  8. Kauf Buch, antisocial warrior
    Ever thought about why you never had a reason to call someone Nazi?

  9. Haha, one of them has a Hitler moustache. He just got frustrated because no one was interested in HIS interpretation of social justice. Snowflake.

  10. Social justice is like a social disease.

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