What’s Your Favorite Month?

July? Why July?

13 thoughts on “What’s Your Favorite Month?”

  1. While promoting antisemitism, this meme also promotes poor social distancing hygiene.

  2. This is so over the top I demand to speak to the manager!

  3. And I to your psychiatrist.

  4. This “funny” makes about as much sense as,”No soap, radio.”

  5. Yawn. All women lie.

  6. Perhaps “The English” is not your first language and you are in an English speaking country on a work visa?

  7. Right. And men never lie.

    Ladies, if a man says he going to fix something around the house, trust him. He will! No need to nag him every six months about it. I’m sure he’ll be back from the bar on time too.

  8. Okay! Please, guys. Don’t be mean. But i haven’t understood this joke. Can someone explain for me?

  9. Nevermind. I get it now

  10. Can someone please explain what this meme really means?

  11. For people that don’t understand, July refers to the star symbol cancer Andrew other person says basically ‘why cancer?’ So it’s a dark joke. Ur welcome 😉

  12. *and the, no Andrew

  13. Hi

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