Judaism, Christianity And Islam vs. Hinduism

Joking about religion is really tricky. If you joke about Judaism, you may get into trouble for being labeled as an anti-Semite. If you joke about Christians, they get angry than nobody ever jokes about Muslims. If you joke about Muslims… well… you get into all kinds of trouble. So the safest approach is to joke about all religions at the same time.

It is really unfortunate that Islam, Christianity, and Judaism have been fighting each other for centuries. Hindus, on the other hand, never had any beef.

16 thoughts on “Judaism, Christianity And Islam vs. Hinduism”

  1. Which is nonsense. I remember they attacked muslims.

  2. Good joke.

  3. If Greta and Big Mike had children what would they look like? Would they pass an IQ test such that they wouldn’t have to take special ed?

    My work is done here.

    Carry on.

  4. Agree to first post, there are a few who aren’t afraid of stepping on an ant by accident…

  5. OMG, no puns while discussing religion.

  6. Trump might be elected to Speaker of the House for a temporary period. Aid to Ukraine gone and Government will shut down until the Southern Border Wall is fully funded with strict unextendable time line. Joe Bidens dog bites another staff member. This makes 10 bites. The man can’t even control his own dog. Haha. Great Day for America.
    So.. what’s happening in Canada?

  7. Canada is a hoax. It doesn’t exist. It’s a Republican invention to distract from their treacherous attempts to establish a monarchy in the United States of America. Everybody looking to non-existent Canada in the North while Republicans stab you in the back.

  8. A joke yes, but not hoax. By the way, how can a Republican stab a Canadian in the back? You guys understand America is not YOUR country right. Man you guys desperate to find relevance.

  9. Dong. It’s what’s for dinner.

  10. If Trudeau gets re-elected his agenda will to deport all conservative voting
    immigrants to the U.S. Arrangements have been made with Republican
    authorities to send these people to Democratic states to help win back
    these demon states.
    Diabolical or genius, you be the judge.

  11. No beef. Except with women. Muslims. Christians. Hindus of the wrong type. Count the massacres.

  12. BS. But ask yourself how, in a supposed free country, would the Government know, and have a list of Republican voters. If Canada had a Republican party, which they don’t, you would not be living in a dystopian police state.

  13. Republican in name no, but as a right wing party they do have
    The Conservative Party. They have there share of extremist, but
    none as goofy as Gaetz and his band of radicals.

  14. We’ve all seen Justine on TV and read about his antics in the news Mate. The hypocrisy is strong with this one.

  15. Justine is a Liberal, AKA Democrat in the U.S

  16. Justine.. 🤣😂. He lives in the cuck chair. It’s why his wife left him. Tired of the aids risk no doubt. Plus he’s a coke head like Hunter.

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