Steve Jobs Would Have Been a Better President Than Trump

6 thoughts on “Steve Jobs Would Have Been a Better President Than Trump”

  1. Steve Jobs is dead and was a totalitarian boss* of a private company.
    But: that’s what Leftists will laugh about (derp heh derp huh derp drool….)

    As such, he never would have been able to function as well as Trump has,
    within the divided powers (Executive, Legislative, Judicial branches) America has.

    But ROAST AWAY, stupid Leftists;
    know only your DROOL SPOTS (AKA your posts)
    will be there for all to see.

  2. And the ratio of market capitalization for Apple & Pixar vs Trump Enterprises is … So sad for the failure known as POTUS Asteriscus V.

  3. Unload your FANG stocks while you can. I’d start with Fakebook first. Suckerberg is in deep doo doo and Fakebook is about to go the way of MySpace. Jobs was a huckster that stole all his ideas from others creativity and claimed them as his own.

  4. Typical RWNJ lack of comprehension. The joke, as it were, has been cobbled together because of the apple/orange connection, not out of any genuine respect for the idea of Jobs as president.

  5. I love apple cobbler! Now get back under your bridge, troll.

  6. Who told you a leftist made this? Maybe it was a muchmorerightist.

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