It’s Important To Get The Job Priorities Right

Money aside, what do you want in a job? The money you just put aside.

10 thoughts on “It’s Important To Get The Job Priorities Right”

  1. You don’t even have to hate the job to do it just for the money. I like my job but I wouldn’t do it if I just had the money.

  2. Loyalty is a forgotten word in this greedy world. Every company, and employee
    have the same attitude, me, me, me!!

  3. I demand loyalty, it works for ME!

  4. Says the unemployed NEET who still lives with his parents.

  5. Very interesting acronym, but you will have to explain to the ignorant masses
    the meaning.
    Americans lack that classic education.

  6. Most non-native speakers might need an explanation.

  7. Use a search engine you spoon-fed bumf*cks.

  8. Can you show us how, oh smart one?

  9. Search for
    Phil Donahue Milton Freedman Greed
    click on video

  10. I google “acronym NEET”, and it definitely is pointed at most of you.
    Very British, and quite insulting, bravo!

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