Typical Employers

When employers want you to have 15 years of experience before the age of 22...

10 thoughts on “Typical Employers”

  1. Take away:
    Hyper text transport protocol is racist.

  2. And you are a dumb incel. No one will ever love you.

  3. Your daily rant:
    “Nazi, Nazi! Racist, Racist!” *

    * Likes to complain about liberals, but supports the party with actual Nazis and racists.
    * Sarcastic attempts at humor always fall flat. Avoids actually discussing topics when people call out the B.S because there are no facts to backup the statements.

  4. Of course HTML is racist. Just look at the average website. Who gets all the primo spots at the top in big bold print? The white text. Who gets stuck with all the grunt work? The black text. And usually totally surrounded by a white background. I dream of a day where we have whole webites of big bold beautiful black text on a black background.

  5. yawn

  6. Biden is a laughing stock globally now, but keep talking about meaningless sh#@.

  7. Biden is trying to get the civilised world to respect America.

    Drumpf cost what little credibility the US had.

    There’s a reason why the rest of the world sneers at America. It deserves it.

  8. Big bold beautiful black text on a black background would just be as racist.

  9. I’ll tell you, what the world thinks:
    Trump is an unpleasant idiot. Lacking humor, intelligence and culture. Women grabbing monster. He only loves himself and didn’t care about anyone else.
    Biden is a quirky guy and he knows it. He can laugh about himself which is a sign of intelligence. That make him a likeable human. He obviously adores his wife and cares about the American and global society.

  10. While his kid bangs his brothers widow, smokes crack, and peddles his dad’s influence for millions of dollars. Yup, the Bidens are cool.

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