Dammit, Paul!

I'm not healing your freakin' hangover!

3 thoughts on “Dammit, Paul!”

  1. Paul: Jesus, help me!
    Jesus: You were out drinking again last night?
    Paul: Uh, yeah.
    Jesus: You know that’s wrong! I told you I wasn’t going to heal your freakin’ hangover!
    Paul: Oh yeah? Well, what about “He who is without sin cast the first stone?”
    Jesus: Paul, I am without sin.
    Paul: Oh…..Dammit!

  2. That’s a good onešŸ¤£

  3. Eh? Jesus only appeared on Paul (Saul) in a vision. That’s it. One time on his way to Damascus. Simon Peter and the other Eleven were his drinking buddies for 3 years. That should be one of the Twelve who has the hangover.
    Jeezus man, y’all had 12 names (11 actually since 2 had the same name) to choose from and you choose the wrong name. Ugh.

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