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For some people, Christianity is pretty hard to understand.


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  1. Classic.

    Maybe it keeps getting posted here because his followers still aren’t listening.

    “Be excellent to each other.”
    At least Bill and Ted were smart enough to figure it out.

  2. Republicans missed the meeting.

  3. Nice try libs, but If they loved us, they would obey the law and come here legally, How come it’s always a one-way street? As always, you also try to paint all all conservatives are religious nuts. We’re not. In fact, as far as I know, none of my conservative friends are. I myslef and an agnostic. Also, none of us are against immigrants because they are needed in our country. We are against ILLEGAL immigrants. Put down the Play Doh and listen for once! Also…Obama was the one who put the kids in cages…not Trump.

    • You Americans make it easy for yourself. You just declare EVERYONE an ILLEGAL immigrant. No matter if he or she is looking for work, dreaming to end poverty and hunger or a refugee desperate to escape violence and persecution. You make it impossible for them to apply for asylum. You steal their children, destroy families. Your expose them to crime, violence and exploitation, making them disappear (in a shallow mass grave in Mexico).
      Trump and his government welcomed the system. And made it worse.
      You are unworthy the lands the founding fathers established. You are unworthy the freedom they gave you. You are unworthy the human society. They would be ashamed of the America of today.

    • Simon "The Rock" Peter October 30, 2020

      Matthew 5:46-47: “If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Do not even tax collectors do the same? And if you greet only your brothers, what are you doing more than others? Do not even Gentiles do the same?”

      The Lawd Jeezus wants us to be better, not the same as them. Obviously someone didn’t get the memo.

    • The word ‘illegal’ was not in the meme.
      The word ‘conservative’ was not in the meme.

      When a family is running away from a drug war or problems in another country, I’m pretty sure Jesus would be willing to help and not yell at them for doing something wrong. That’s what Americans used to do too. For centuries. What changed?

      BTW- if you actually think that about Obama, you are the one listening to fake news. Change the channel.

    • “You Americans make it easy for yourself. You just declare EVERYONE an ILLEGAL immigrant.”

      In the EU we have the exact same laws for immigration. AFAIK every country in the world has immigration laws. You cannot just travel to another country and declare yourself a citizen there. That would be absurd.

    • Other countries don’t rip families apart and put children in cages.

    • Other countries are not faced with such animals at their borders.

    • @snap, you are an animal.

  4. His was the most influential life ever lived.

    • Atheist Freedom Fighter October 30, 2020

      He most likely never lived though. There is no historic evidence he ever existed.

    • AFF: Anyone in academia knows the statement you just made is as unaware and uneducated as it gets. No one in the academy doubts the secular historical records noting Jesus of Nazareth’s historicity which outweigh in number and profile those for Tiberius Caesar. As the renowned Manchester scholar F.F. Bruce said, it’s not historians that believe that Christ-is-a-myth pablum. Look, you’re free to choose your own path; you aren’t free to make a mockery of history, academia, and concrete facts.

    • Atheist Freedom Fighter November 1, 2020

      The Romans were quite neat about their records. The turmoil described in the bible would have left marks in history records.
      Many historic event described in the bible don’t match with actual historic event from witnesses of the time. Whoever wrote those chapters didn’t do much research or falsified with intent.
      Evangelical theology, like that Mr. Bruce pursued, is not real science. It’s like someone declares Grimm’s Fairytales historic facts, constructs a twisted connection to real events and forces this as historic truth on everyone. With fire and sword in the past – in supreme courts today.
      So, your comment has no value to the real world. Mockery is inevitable.

    • This is the way.

    • Parasites Paradise November 1, 2020

      Has been this way for centuries. If you are useless and lazy you study theology and become a “Man of God”.

    • AFF: I teach at the undergrad and graduate level, and your response is just a howler, scholastically. Truly uniformed. But you do you, man! It’s your leap.

    • Atheist Freedom Fighter November 3, 2020

      It’s not like we are talking about real things here. Theists are delusional and murderous. They are a threat to humanity.

  5. Yet 40 Days and Nineveh Shall Be Destroyed ... Bob October 30, 2020

    Sodomites were always frowned on, not by just Judaism and Christianity but by many religions, it was one of those “special” sins than indicated a civilization was near it’s end. Sodomy was also unacceptable in the new testament as well. They were to be cast out until they repented, but that also applied to adulterers, thieves and such.

    You could immigrate and become a citizen of ancient Israel; it just required you accept their religious canon, and get your peepee cut on a bit.

    • We know, you prefer to nibble on them.

    • Judge not, lest ye be judged.

      Jesus loved the sinner, but hated the sin, and look at you, you’ve been studying your history looking for excuses to hate on the sinner. Jesus will be soooo proud of you on judgment day.

    • Waiting for Big J October 30, 2020

      American evangelicals and conservatives will be so pi**ed when Big J takes even good-hearted atheists with him while they will stay behind and go right to hell on judgement day. *lol*

    • The pope himself announced that atheists if being good humans can go to heaven and are not condemned to go to hell just for not believing. Going to church alone won’t save your soul.

  6. Is this Charles Manson?

  7. Just sayin' October 30, 2020

    If you are non-native, you are an immigrant.

  8. Hmmm... Now that I think about it. October 31, 2020

    Christians are taught to love their neighbor and the golden rule, so shouldn’t they be the ones who are wearing masks all the time and asking everyone else to do it too?

    I don’t think Jesus would be worried about his freedom to go maskless (and spread a deadly disease). He took the ultimate sacrifice. Saving lives with a mask is easy.

  9. Fievel 🐭 November 2, 2020

    Anyone can be a god, but it takes grit to be a dog! 🐾

  10. The bible today isn’t as the bible was written originally. We know this from finding ancient documents.

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