Jesus vs. 2022

Jesus! Get up bro! There's a war in Ukraine, Covid-19 is still here, and inflation is pushing people into poverty! Tell them I’m working in mysterious ways yo.

28 thoughts on “Jesus vs. 2022”

  1. So this might be the most religiously accurate meme this page has ever posted. Can’t believe they can post good satire.

  2. Haha now do Jews or Islam. Of course you won’t. Not on this anti Christian hate site.

  3. Couldn’t that be about moohammad as well? Don’t see him stopping any slaughter but ok

  4. Christ wasn’t a Christian, he was a Jew.

  5. And is an islamic phrophet.
    Funny how bigots always show their lack of knowledge.

  6. Not sure if Muhamad is still working these days. Isn’t he in retirement?

  7. If you don’t like it then **** off and brigade another site with your unsolicited extremism.

  8. Muhammad is busy having fun with all the virgins in the Islamic paradise.

  9. They must have an immense supply of virgins. Or are they recycled after use? Revirginized by hand of Allah. He grabs them by the… w a i t ! 🤯

  10. This is just as intolerant as the post itself. This site is just garbage now.

  11. Let Jesus sleep in. His alarm is set for the next coming or The Rapture. Whichever comes 1st, I suppose.

  12. Cant take a joke or any criticism of your religion eh?

    Yeah, when you don’t have much faith, it’s best to focus on anger towards someone else. I’m sure that will fix it.

  13. Religion has caused more wars and death than any other reason. Putin
    has the support of the Russian Orthodox Church for his invasion of The
    Ukraine is just one recent example.

  14. There should be no tolerance towards religion. It would be like tolerating terror and murder.

  15. I’m dead. :-[

  16. Hilter and Stalin were convinced that they fullfilled a mission for God. Hitler even wrote it in “Mein Kampf”.
    In Germany and Austria the church can set and collect their own tax on members. It was made into law by Hilter and the church refused to give it up after the war.
    Stalin rebuild and financed monasteries and churches, destroyed and closed by the communists before, because he saw this as part of his holy task.

  17. Hitler and Stalin opposed churches. Church tax existed in Germany before Hitler; Stalin only allowed churches during WWII as temporary mental support for a people in distress.

  18. If God felt insulted he would act himself. He doesn’t need any loser of faith for that. Or isn’t he almighty?

  19. The opposed priests and officials that opposed them, not the isntitutions. Both expressed their deep faith.

  20. Bringing up Leftists like Hitler and Stalin is Just more anti religion propaganda. Maybe you’re satan worshippers. Sounds like it.

  21. “Leftists like Hitler and Stalin”. Yeah, right. You are in need of political education. Or just a troll.

  22. Calling Hitler a leftist is like calling a pumkin a banana. And Stalin wasn’t a communist in any way. He was just another autocrat posing as one. Both have so much in common with Trump.

  23. Liberals think that in a country with over 400 million firearms, people tried to overthrow the government on January 6, but everyone somehow forgot to bring their guns along!
    They also think “Gun Free Zone” signs are effective. Criminals love them because they know they can commit crimes safely there without being worried about getting shot! (except by another criminal)
    Chicago has some of the toughest anti-gun laws in the nation, but about 50 people were shot and 9 killed over this past weekend. It’s like that every weekend there and in mostly all liberally run shit-hole big cities.
    Someone in one of the other comments on here says they only want to ban “machine guns”. News flash—They are already banned unless you want to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to get a federal license that you have to jump through hoops to get. The AR in AR-15 does not stand for automatic rifle. It stands for “ArmaLite”, which is the name of the company that first came up with the design in 1956! It is not a machine gun. A machine gun fires continuously as long as you have the trigger pulled. I used on in the army. An AR-15 fires once each time you pull the trigger.

  24. You few sad clowns following Trump could never overthrow the government. Tried anyways.
    And thanks for convincing everyone that conservative clichés are true. No one thanks you for your treacherous service. Go, fight for Vlad.

  25. You can’t reach them. Everything you said is verifiably true but.. Trump! It’s all they know. This is a Canadian site so it’s filled with Justine Pierre Trudeau true believers. It’s a cult with simple talking points. They just parrot Old outdated propaganda. Most of which can be proven wrong with a simple search. But they just keep going.. like the energizer bunnies of ignorance 🐰.

  26. Trudeau is all Simon has on his agenda. He’ll prostitute himself to aknowledge your post just to write something about Trudeau. #mentalhealth

  27. So.. Jesus was a real person, probably a bit crazy but to be fair he had good messages and a good impact on his period of time.
    I’m not a christian. But saying Jesus isn’t here to help is childish. Jesus was alive 2022 years ago and today it is our f+cking job to stop shit from happening. And yes if you find motivation in some old textbooks – why not?

  28. There is no history record of said Jesus. He is more likely a conglomerate of several different characters. Same as Moses. Some more ancient, some ficticious and some historic. Stories in the bible don’t stand against historic research.

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