Jeez Man…



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  1. Billy Bong Thornton November 13, 2014

    Is that how they make bananas over there?

  2. Where’s Dennis Rodman?

  3. If I was that worker I would be terrified too. This crazy guy grinning like an idiot next to him could put him in a concentration camp for not only his life, but his children’s lives too, if the whim took him. I’m sure the guy believes he is a god, and everyone treats him as such. The North Koreans are the second most oppressed people on Earth, after the Palestinians.

    • Let’s send them the whole Kardashian Family and see what that does to them!

    • The Great Pumpkin November 18, 2014

      @I Agree: wouldn’t work – too many artificial colourings and preservatives.

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