Trump Gets Jealous at Jerusalem

38 thoughts on “Trump Gets Jealous at Jerusalem”

  1. Of course he’s jealous. He’s a narcissist. He will always be jealous towards people having nicer things or things he doesn’t have. And he will always think he’s the victim. He has no pathways in his brain to think otherwise.
    People only follow him because he inherited money and think he’s a fine business man. But he make false decissions on a daily basis. He declared bankruptcy several times – so he pays people to think for him. He’s fiddling with his taxes – which is not a good, cool or honorable thing – especialy as a statesman. He is accused of not paying his debts. He took money from the Russians – now in their debt as President of the USA. He harrased women for sport.
    He’s pathetic and damaging the United States’ reputation or worse.

  2. Quite a fat a**. And delicate hands for his size.

  3. Mexico is a tinder keg ready to blow. Most dangerous thing in the world ain’t climate change, or Islamic terrorism, or Russia – it’s Mexico ready for a full out civil war right across our southern border. Build the damn wall.

  4. plus, he’s a sausage fingered vulgarian.

  5. according to the Joint Chiefs of Staff the the biggest threat to America ( and the world ) is
    climate change. but… what do they know, right?

  6. The Maginot wall did not do an adequate job of keeping The Good Germans out. But I’m thinking that’s a Kraut-Franco white flag thang.

  7. @j
    East Anglia Climate Research Unit concurs. If that’s a help?
    Search: “east anglia climate change scandal”

  8. It’s an absurd a wall with Mexico. Nobody is crossing illegally that border. And even if they do in the future, I’m sure Mexico will help to prevent that.

  9. According to actual headlines we may ad terrible manners on the list.

  10. Mexico would be happy about the wall. It would stop us criminals to cross the border in order to avoid us authorities. Like that upper class psycho teenage killer some time ago.

  11. A hacking scandal doesn’t change the world weather. If I lie about the moon circling earth twice a day it will still be there.
    Climate change is a fact. If you were old enough you would see the signs for yourself without any equipment. Climate is complex. Some things change faster than others. And some things are nearly unforseeable due to missing data. Yet it is still getting warmer. And the cause is clear, no matter what. At the moment only the rate of change is in question. No matter what some weirdos with aluminium foil around their heads try to tell you.

  12. So it’s a win-win deal. What the world is complaining about? It’s been a huge problem in Mexico to deal with US fugitives.

  13. German, have your learned Arabic yet?

  14. Narcissist? Takes one to know one, Kamerad.
    Your thinking defecates on whatever civilization the country in which you *actually* live may have.

  15. Not as fat as the layer choking off the blood going to your brain (what little may still be active), fool.

  16. Oh, what a “funny” idiotic claim: NOBODY is crossing illegally?!?
    You ARE a special kind of stupid…that’s why they call ’em LEFTISTS.

  17. I’m a regressive leftist. Do you expect me to have brain?

  18. At his age and with his symptoms of dementia, “adult” diaper is more like it.

  19. Kauf Buch I truly and honestly feel sorry for whatever trauma you endured that has made you such an insufferable *******. Trust me on this, you need to log off, leave your mom’s basement, feel the sun for once in your miserable existence, learn to interact with other humans, and for the love of God do something useful with the short time you have left no one has ever laid on their death bed wishing they’d spent more time being a **** to strangers in comment sections

  20. I find it astounding that the global warming hoax is still suckering in so many people. It has been demonstrated as fraud more than once. It was shown that the study that kicked off the hoax, the Himalayan study, was not only bad science but out and out fraud. Likewise, the study that showed 97% of scientists agreed with gw was also outright fraud. A number of top scientists have come out in the last few years stating that it is all a hoax, fraud, scam, and/or fake. It is not too difficult to find this out; a quick internet search will divulge this information. Of course, mainstream media will not cover these because they have a vested interest in reporting keeping the status quo, as it sells eyeballs.

  21. No need to learn arabic, R-Lefty. They are too few to have an impact. And if it comes a day that might be a problem, several european countries have experience in getting rid of a whole lot of population.
    A narcissist ist another thing than a nazi, Kauf Buch. Some education would do you good.

  22. Presidential diaper rofl

  23. Is has been demonstrated as fraud by people known for fraud with alternate facts on a regular basis. Not much reliability for foil-headed wannabe-scientists with certificates from fantasy universities on industrial payroll. They are roommates with the creationist loons.
    Many proof for climate change, none against it. Real science and facts still win.

  24. USA should pay. Obviously they have the more dangerous threats.

  25. If he only could process these kind words.

  26. Islam teaches us to respect women and non believers. That’s why we treat them well in muslim countries.

  27. The Holocaust, Spanish Inquisition, genocide of native Americans, African slavery, Amritsar, the opium wars, the rule of thumb….. Just because Christians have SLOWLY started to extract heads from arses does not make them superior, it took us liberals centuries to drag you to basic decency

  28. So what? Shouldn’t you do the same to Islam now?

  29. What part of it takes centuries was unclear to you? I have racked my brain but cannot think of a way to dumb this down more for you.

  30. Also your response to the horrendous atrocities I mentioned was “so what” we obviously have a long way to go at home

  31. C’mon regressiveleftist I’m having fun trolling your moronic *** don’t leave now

  32. You pretty much said the leftism philosophy. You recognized Islam is a decadent culture similar to what the west got rid in the past centuries. And you said we should accept this culture and let our babies being blown up a few centuries more until they get civilized.
    That’s all because you consider racism to stand up for what took centuries for the west civilization to develop.
    Sorry, but no. Islam stinks and we have the right to not allow our kids to blew up until Islam becomes civilized.

  33. Instead of ranting here you could help islam to get civilised, RL.

  34. That’s not west’s duty or right to fix islam. But it is western world’s right to not suffer from their barbaric behavior. If they want to move to western world because they don’t like what they do to their own, it’s their duty to comply with our behaviors, not the other way around.

  35. Poor, widdle Twavis.
    I’m not the focus of this thread.
    But: if you insist, I’ll just point out that
    it is rabid, syphillitic Leftists like you
    who make this site such a funny place.
    Responding to filth like you is like
    shooting fish in a barrel.

  36. Regressiveleftist, nice straw man. You really should proof read your tirade before hitting submit as it becomes inescapably obvious you are quite stupid. What I tried to make clear is that ALL religious folks behave like animals when left unchecked. Spanish Inquisition, Holocaust (vast majority of SS were Catholics), etc…. Where was your fear for children when the Catholic Church was, and is still, raping them and hiding the guilty?!?! The number of children raped by clergymen far outstrips the number of westerners killed by middle eastern extremists (I consider the crimes to be equally abhorrent) so where is the backlash against Catholics? Why haven’t we come together to rid our country of this scourge? You see when you focus solely on the crimes of the “others” and disregard the crimes of your own kind you show yourself to be bigoted dimwits.
    Kauf as usual too stupid to understand anything so hurl insults and claim victory. You see that is my real name I am not a coward like you hiding behind a fake name and keyboard trusting the anonymity of the internet to protect me from getting beat up. You are truly a pathetic little nothing.
    Hunter….. You I find particularly disgusting I and my wife have worked with people with Down’s Syndrome and ******* like you who use that term in any form need to have your butts kicked and I’m perfectly willing to do it. Like kauf grow a pair you spineless insect

  37. I’m impressed. I prefer anonymity to protect those near me. Church is still too strong here. You are absolutely right. They won’t understand it, but well done.

  38. “foil-headed”

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