Nice to Meet You, Bond



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  1. We’re not allowed to joke about James Bond any more.
    He was British, male, and cisgender, so libtards hear “Shaken, not stirred” as race code for the further entrenchment of white privilege and male hegemony.
    “Cheese biscuit”? Isn’t that a new euphemism for “Lifetime welfare benefits for immigrants through supernumerary taxes on job creator conservatives”?
    Oh, and the aisle number? That “21” is clearly a reference to the May 21 birthdate of Ethiopian Communist junta leader Mengistu Haile Mariam. Nice call-out to one of your anti-West red heroes, all you plur-gender Feminazis in charge of signage.

  2. Unknown origin February 20, 2017

    Oh, Kauf Butch..this is priceless! :D

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