Tax Evasion Logic

If you go to jail for tax evasion you are living off taxes because you didn't pay taxes.

14 thoughts on “Tax Evasion Logic”

  1. I’m gonna live there. So sad.

  2. Tax evasion is a was to discriminate women because women can’t file taxes. It’s sexist, mysoginist, homophobic and islamophobic!!!
    I hate Trump.

  3. Right?

  4. Tax evasion is a way to discriminate against black people because tax rhymes with blacks!

  5. Haha. It’s the democrat circle of life.

  6. Why do you make such hate comment against women of color? What do you have against minorities? You’re fascist!

  7. Yup

  8. Genesis 47:18-26 but more specifically Genesis 47:26 that says your a slave to the state at a tax rate of %20.

    Ironically it was future Mohammedans and future Jews working together (the few times they did) that gave us that concept.

  9. stupid

  10. more stupid

  11. nobody said anything racist. YOU ******* are racist. Everyone knows it. STFU

  12. STFU Bob. Mohammedans and Jews do not and never have worked together. Got more ignorance to show?

  13. While tax collection thus predates Islam (ancient Egyptian), there was actually a time when the Jew and the Mohammedan lived together e.g. under Ottoman empire and in fact Jews were mostly facing persecution from Europe during the 14th century e.g. Spanish inquisition or France and England expelling their Jewish community from the country.

  14. No, no….. he has a point

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