What War In Israel Means For Ukraine’s Defence

Zelensky better start a GoFundMe, because now US attention will be grabbed by the war in Israel which is very bad news for Ukraine. The Putin bots, fanboys and other useful idiots are probably in a good mood now.

18 thoughts on “What War In Israel Means For Ukraine’s Defence”

  1. HaHa!

  2. The devil’s work and Pootin’s planning.

  3. Not many Israeli women look that good.

  4. Love the AI “generative expand”…

  5. The young lady from Ukraine appears wholesome, can’t say that
    for the Lady in red.

  6. No love for the cute guy? 🥰

  7. He’s all yours Effendi, he looks like the type who likes to men also.
    Your type, not fussy.

  8. He like them quiet. His blow up doll never says a word.

  9. You’re calling reasonable people idiots. Sooner or later, you will face difficulties because Trump will become the president, and people like you, who want the war to continue and more deaths in Ukraine, will eventually be silenced.

  10. Makes no sense that post.

  11. Reasonably insane people are still idiots. Sooner or later, when dust settles, you’ll have to move to Siberia or wherever Hamas will be located to join your reasonable people.

  12. It’s like Palestine is trying to remove its self from the map!

  13. As long as it serves Mother Russia.

  14. Black humour if ever there was one….

  15. Very little support for Israel from the US. Hardly any for Ukraine. They are learning. Had enough of fighting other people’s wars. Want to use their money for their country and people. Rut Roo Scooby.

  16. Ok, give Putin Ukraine and Hamas Israel. What country do you think is at the end of the spree? They will be coming for you. No matter if you ignored them or not. And then it will be too late.

  17. Coming for who? People should fight their own wars.

  18. Israel is the hot sexy one night stand. Ukraine is the type of girl you marry.

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