Isaac Newton: I Like Them Thicc Af

If you are wondering how Isaac Newton came up with his law of universal gravitation, wonder no more. This meme explains it in great detail. You’re welcome.

I like them thicc af. But Sir Newton, we can't write that! Then write this: the greater the mass, the greater the force of attraction.

11 thoughts on “Isaac Newton: I Like Them Thicc Af”

  1. Until now I had no reason to suspect Sir Newton squatted while
    taking a leak.

  2. didn’t know he discovered the pride logo

  3. Old.

  4. Ahhh greater the mass the greater the attraction, that’s why trump is so popular!

  5. Newton commenting on gravity in an optical experiment?

  6. That’s how he seen it.

  7. That’s not how he seen it.

  8. All of these are hilarious except the one about Trump.

  9. Lock him up!

  10. @Things are starting to make sense!

    I see he’s not the most popular in America. Not by far!

  11. Should be Sir Issac.

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