Iran Sure Got Them Good

15 thoughts on “Iran Sure Got Them Good”

  1. Funny, that’s the exact same amount of israeli citizens the countrys that trump banned has allowed in their countrys for many years, without anyone screaming about it and calling them hitler.
    Fun fact number 2: The ban list trump is enforcing now, was first made up by (wait for it…) Obama. ‘member all the protests when he did that? Me neither.
    Well, i’m sure all the “anti-racists” have a good explanation for that.

  2. The bit that I found interesting was that Trump didn’t ban the countries he has business dealings with, nor did he ban the countries where those terrorists who made attacks on the U.S. actually came from.
    I’m sure all the “racists” have a good explanation for that.

  3. I’m sure they would like to see the head choppin’ ISIS-sponsoring saudis on that list too, but you’re right, there’s a gap on the list there. Probably more. But it still doesn’t explain why a black man can make the list in total silence from all the social justice warriors, but when the rich white man enforces it, he’s hitler.

  4. Are you sure that wouldn’t be more convincing with a meme photo? You know, something like trollface Obama with the caption “identifying countries of concern totally = banning visitors from them something something black preznit done it first”.

  5. Trump’s claim that the seven countries listed in the executive order came from the Obama administration is conveniently left unexplained. A bit of background: soon after the December 2015 terror attack in San Bernadino, President Obama signed an amendment to the Visa Waiver Program, a law that allows citizens of 38 countries to travel to the United States without obtaining visas (and gives Americans reciprocal privileges in those countries). The amendment removed from the Visa Waiver Program dual nationals who were citizens of four countries (Iraq, Iran, Sudan, and Syria), or anyone who had recently traveled to those countries. The Obama administration added three more to the list (Libya, Somalia, and Yemen), bringing the total to seven. But this law did not bar anyone from coming to the United States. It only required a relatively small percentage of people to obtain a visa first.
    So yeah, check your facts you morons, Obama never banned anybody

  6. Trump: “I’m going to kill this puppy.”
    People: “No! We must save the puppy!”
    just pointing that out: “What about black men? BLACK MEN! BLAAAACK MEEEENNN!!”

  7. Oh sure. Conveniently ignore that fact that Obummer took away all our guns and interred us in FEMA camps until our savior Donald rescued us. Not only that, but he was presiding while black! You think any of what you say has relevance in the face of that, my friend?

  8. If I support the Pres, I’m racist? I say, if you want to stand up for Islam, you are racist! If you stand up for them, you must also support the genocide of the Jewish people. Sharia law? You care to stand up, advocate that? How can you defend these murderous people? Hey, whose side were the muslims taking back in WW2? Care to guess?

  9. Who cares!

  10. I wholeheartedly agree. Let the Iranians declare “Death to America” on a daily basis and perhaps they’ll realize that America won’t bend to their wishes now that there’s a new sheriff in town. Even better if they reject the almighty dollar.

  11. Yes, you are probably racist and a bigot. Not because you support the Pres, but because you just are. Additionally:
    Jews were killed by white, Christian (?) Europeans, not by Muslims. You can’t shift the blame because of some stupid Holocaust deniers.
    During WW2 Iran, Iraq, Syria and part of Yemen were under British, French and/or Russian control/invasion. According to Indiana Jones, Egypt was under Nazi control but it is not in Trump the Pussy Monster’s list.

  12. If you don’t like Trump, you shouldn’t have nominated Hillary.

  13. @cafcab
    Yes, Christians. The ordinary German soldier even had “Gott mit uns” (God with us) embossed on their belt buckle.
    Most members of the churches didn’t object to any of the Nazi’s doing, they even kind of collaborated. There was a movement of mostly Protestant Christians who objected to all that shit back then and quite a few of them ended up in concentration camps, too.
    One of them (Martin Niemöller) is quoted as follows:
    When the Nazis came for the communists I kept silent; I wasn’t a communist after all.
    When the Nazis locked up the social democrats I kept silent; I wasn’t a social democrat either.
    When they came for the unionists I kept silent; I was no unionist.
    When they came for me there was no-one left to protest.

  14. True that. Yet Hillary may still be the lesser of two evils compared to Trump.

  15. I’m not sure if democrat Americans are more angry with the decisions Trump makes, or that he’s the first politician to follow up on his promises… must be confusing being American right now.

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