10 thoughts on “Cartoons of “Finnish Nightmares” All Introverts Can Relate To”

  1. Cute and relatable

  2. When did we all become so pussies…

  3. How does an introvert at this level get married?

    Asking for a friend…

  4. I’m Finnish. Where do I collect my price?

  5. Internet

  6. It’s not about being a p***y, we just don’t like other people. Or ourselves.

  7. OK boomer

  8. It’s more social anxiety than introvert’s dilemma.

  9. Torilla.

  10. agoraphobic a lot ? coming up with an excuse as beeïng married when someone tries to greet & kiss as is common western behaviour ?
    Doesn’t strike me as common Finish behaviour .
    Last time a Fin invited me to a beer ,we went in the sauna , the beer was for the steam and the vodka for drinking .

    damn spell check is just as crazy for wanting to spell behaviour as behavior …. do we now have to teach spellchecks the correct English language all over again ?

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