God Damn It, Karen


God damn it, Karen!


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  1. Like a Libtard falling for Rapeublican falsehoods

    (Oh go on, you knew it would go this way)

  2. A lib that didnt figure it out before she went to bed. Now claims rape…..

    • And no one doubts that republican guy raped her. Then he blaims the good catholic Mexican gardener who loves his wife and kids and wouldn’t hurt a fly. The gardener gets deported or to prison. His wife needs a fulltime job to feed the kids. The kids will become criminals because by destroying this little family they got robbed of their future.
      It’s a republican’s MO.

    • Yeah, evangelical republicans. Holier than the pope and just demons in disguise.

  3. No I said I “wasn’t arresting” you for being an illegal immigrant but now that you’re complaining I’ve reconsidered. I’ll be turning you over to ICE right after my nap.

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