Into Resting Meme: It’s Not The Same as Interesting

Some people are really bad at listening and understanding. When you say you’re “into resting”, they hear “interesting” and then act all upset and stuff.

I thought you said you were interesting! No Karen, I said I was "into resting".

9 thoughts on “Into Resting Meme: It’s Not The Same as Interesting”

  1. Old one.

  2. Looks like a staged scene, both are dressed, and he obviously is gay.

  3. We trust you. You’d recognize your kin.

  4. She wait him love her long time he no do

  5. This site is on repeat.
    What a no go on the internet.
    Yes, internet destroys your attention span.
    But more content in shorter time periods gives you a way better memory.
    We who are from the internet don’t forget what you posted before.

  6. What? Could you explain this with less words, please?

  7. Good news, God has appointed me as his earthly representative.

  8. Does Ambassador to Imaginationland include diplomatic immunity? 🤔

  9. Rightards will dig that.

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