How Would You Like This Wrapped?


10 thoughts on “How Would You Like This Wrapped?”

  1. 0bama sez just use the commie Marxist wrapping paper. No one believes the media anyway.

  2. US is now part of the axis of evil.

  3. EUro is TrolL Master – NOT!

  4. There are many here who agree. Too bad so many think Obitch is fixing it.

  5. If you change “corporate media” to state controlled media then we are good.
    On another note when is the NYTimes going out of business, funding for shovel ready jobs can only go so far?

  6. You are calling Obama (with an “O”, not a “0”) a “commie” and a “Marxist” because you have no idea what those words mean. VOTE PALIN!

  7. So it is trolling to tell the obvious?

  8. Change your name all you want; whether you’re right or left you’re easy to recognize, Napoleon.

  9. The government shouldn’t be touching many things, we’ve all seen the prosperity recently. Detroit *cough* Falling economy *cough*

  10. Spot-on.

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