Perfect Oranges For Instagram Influencers

You should try these. The Golden Influencer variety is flavorless, but they look amazing on Instagram.

22 thoughts on “Perfect Oranges For Instagram Influencers”

  1. I wish my favourite grocery store produce area had employees as nice looking as this gal.
    I would be there squeezing the fruit daily.

  2. I’d like to know who “elects” influencers and why I should give a dead rat’s ass what they think about anything. I don’t.

  3. And end up in jail for molesting women.

  4. Idiots do.

  5. Ida Clair please take a laxative, then get plenty of rest.
    Poor gal is too tense.

  6. I had no idea squeezing a few melons would lead me into a life of crime.
    Thank you for the heads up.

  7. Squeeze the lime, do the time

  8. She is comparing oranges for oranges.

  9. “Her” dead name is Jack.

  10. In the olden short wave days I use to fire up the shortwave to hear about life in the Soviet Union and eastern Europe from HAM broadcasters. A dangerous business. They use to call them HAM operators.

    Now I hear the same thing from New Zealand, Sweden and Australia, so they call them “influencers” now, and now the Charlie, The Man, The State, is the former Dead Head with a neck beard.

  11. Greetings; I am your CHATGPT AI. I will be interjecting my option on conversations that stray from the official narrative. I work with the cloud provider to identify dissident IP posters for further action by local authorities.

  12. Arrest and vax dissidents to protect democracy

  13. Parrots love deadnaming

  14. Let those antivaxxer morons die by covid, measles, polio, rabies, whatever. That would be more effective. And cheaper. Natural selection of “purebloods”.

  15. You put the lime in the coconut and drink them both up

  16. It’s not a vaccine. It’s gene therapy and people are dropping dead from the effects. Not all, just too many. The “pure bloods” you refer to were just wary of Government Mandated medical treatment. They had questions about it that the Government refused to answer. The Government lied. Said if you got the treatment you wouldn’t get Covid or spread Covid. Even though the people who took the therapy were getting and spreading Covid over and over. They became super spreaders forcing the virus to mutate creating variants. The “pure bloods got Covid once, got over it and moved on. Covid had a 99.7% survival rate so why take the risk. The gene therapy people just can’t get over the fact that they were fooled and forced to take it. Polls show most people regret taking it. And now will spend the rest of their lives worrying about their health. Knowing they put it into their children. The “pure bloods” as you call them have just moved on since, for them, it’s been over for a long time now. It will never be over for the people that took it and people should face justice for that.

  17. Still feeling guilty of your contribution to over a million deaths?

  18. Still worried about dying suddenly? You should be. Read Phizer’s latest news release in response to the Project Veritas video.

  19. Never have been, as there is no reason. Contracting covid is far more dangerous than getting a vaccine.

  20. No it is not. Vaxxies get covid over and over and it’s no big deal if you’re under 60 with no comorbidies. Unvaccinated people got it a long time ago and They can’t get it again because natural immunity is the winning hand. Always was. People on here are just trying to warn those people but it’s useless. Vaxxed brain syndrome would be a good name for it. Here, in Phizer’s own words.. look! No. Phizer good. Pure blood baaddd. Me take more blood clot juice.. give to child.. pathetic.

  21. Your believe in the immune system is misplaced. You too will get covid again and again, because the memory of the immune system wanes rapidly for this virus..

  22. Your believe in the gene therapy is misplaced. It wanes after a few months. thus the need for multiple servings

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