Truth Behind Those Instagram Pics

Just remember who owns the boat.

11 thoughts on “Truth Behind Those Instagram Pics”

  1. Yup. It is my boat.

  2. Speedos should not manufacture any trunks over size 35. Just saying.

  3. The girls really aren’t that hot. Maybe by European standards. Oops. Was that insensitive?

  4. Both pictures taken in Florida

  5. Our are much prettier. And real, not plastic.

  6. We’ve all scene the big book of British smiles. Besides, all yours will be wearing burkas in no time.

  7. I forgot what I said before the last time this meme came up.

  8. I’m really confused about somebody thinking those girls aren’t aren’t that hot. Jesus H. Christ man, where did you develop your standards? Are you a professional model? Or a 12-year-old?

  9. such girls and influencers on instagram = virtual prostitutes

  10. A girls gotta make a living. Their just using the gifts God gave them.

  11. like prostitutes

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