Latest Women’s Trend On Instagram: Hairy Armpits



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  1. about time its coming back. Hairy armpits are hot!

    • Just . . . NO!

    • im not a hippy but i am sick of women having to remove all their body hair to be “normal”. I would like people to just BE and not worry about all this shaving nonsense

    • NOOOOO.

    • Here u go🪒

    • Aside from a girl with hairy armpits being super sexy in my opinion, it’s also much healthier not to constantly shave and plaster the pores with chemicals in deodorants. Nature gave us body hair for a reason, but we humans of course, always think we know better and constantly go against nature. I say to hell with razors, let it grow !!!

  2. Anonymous June 13, 2015

    Lovely women. Comment on the pit hair withheld.

  3. Shock horror! Women are actually mammals!

  4. Definitely hot

  5. Just sayin' June 14, 2015

    Hot girls with hairy pits are still hot. The others… not.

  6. That first girl could have a mustache for all I care, so beautiful!

  7. Modern standards are that we shave or at least trim our body hair.
    It has little to do with hygene or whatever (a normal person (and as I obsrve about 65% or people are average and normal) usually cleans themselves enough that their bodies do not produce overly repulsive substances or conditions).
    it is just a standard.
    A girl with hairy pits won’t be disgusting to me, but I will note that as a sign that she doesn’t care about herself much.
    Also, considering that the common thrend is lightness and pureness (I mean in clothing), then again excessive hair ruins the image.
    You can grow a wig under every arm, but you better be a filthy punk or some sort of a bum then.

  8. That’s *Lady* Sasquatch to you rabble.

  9. Doesn’t matter to me. Beautiful women are still beautiful.

  10. As long as they can still make sandwiches…

  11. A.C. Lucas June 15, 2015

    Stunningly beautiful!

  12. Ash Ketchum June 16, 2015

    Aaahhhhh! My eyes! It burns!!!

  13. Absolutely disgraceful.. total savages.. completely and utterly disgusting

  14. jiffywhip June 18, 2015

    threw up a bit in my mouth

  15. Can all human scientific progress and protective patented laws of engineering creation explain why human beings should feel diffident and shy with what nature has designed and created in adult human form both as a male and female with assigned roles of earthly existence? If I feel awful and disgusting seeing a lady with natural hairy pits what is the love I posses to admire luxurious hair on her head and hate the patented application of nature in other places? If all things of likes and dislikes are only related to ‘mind’ then what right males have to dictate terms of natural health and aesthetic look of depilated hygiene to women who have delivered and nurtured them into adulthood? If men claim propriety of patent rights to industrial creation of products why women should be despised for claiming the same natural patented rights of their own hairy formatted bodies? Male bodies are only female cell manufactured and delivered products and are of their physical propriety, but whose design and patented rights of cellular constructions including females themselves are beyond the domain human scientific virtue and self defined laws of earthly existence. Let not hate create double standards to the detriment of humanity what Love has created in harmony and unity!

  16. I’m loving this!!! more!!

  17. annie lucas August 13, 2015

    LOVE THEM! So tasty!

  18. Andy Rife July 4, 2017

    I like hairy armpits. :D

  19. A Fair Man July 27, 2017

    So many sad comments from shallow men on this post, clearly with no concept of double-standards or the slightest understanding of empathy or logic-over-dogma. Either they are unaware of their subconscious hierarchal reasoning or they’re just narcissistic ***** :)
    Note, before anyone decides to get triggered, this comment is from a man. A man content with the fact that women have the right to personal choice and shouldn’t be marginalised for it.

  20. I wish more women would stop shaving then it really would be a trend.

  21. Gillette has made enough money. Let your hair grow, Womyn! Shaving sucks!

  22. Gross. And then they dye it those stupid ass colors. Stupid and disgusting.

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