Pearl Harbor Was an Inside Job!

24 thoughts on “Pearl Harbor Was an Inside Job!”

  1. mind = blown

  2. 1931?

  3. They used Noah’s ark for the first 1/2 of the voyage.

  4. The USN tasked the fcc rid with tracking a “hostile fleet” across the pacific for a few weeks before Dec 7th 1941 via hfdf. Plenty of fedz knew it was coming.

  5. You are so right! There can be only one answer! Canada did it!

  6. And for the second half of the voyage the boat Jesus Christ used according to the Mormons (sic? Not sure whether it is spelled Mormons or Morons) to travel to today’s US of A in order to bury some stuff for Joseph Smith to find a few hundred years later.

  7. Or Mexico. Lets build a wall…

  8. They just demonstrated how far they can reach. They occupied Philippines flying north via Russia, Europe, Greenland, San Francisco (a quick stop for some crusty sourdough French bread), and then attacked unprepared Philippines. Sneaky bastards…

  9. This is most likely going to be the stupidest thing I will see all day.

  10. The day is still early and teh interweb always delivers.

  11. the earth is not a flat dish, bro!

  12. If Donald Trump says it is IT IS.

  13. Yep, and a wrong map depicting for instance Russia instead of the USSR, Germany was much larger back then, too, India wasn’t an independent state, Pakistan didn’t exist and so on.

  14. They just used the shortcut. You know. Turn left after taking off instead of right. Sneaky bastards

  15. Can you say “Aircraft carriers?”

  16. it was a JOKE!!! yes there is conspiracy and all.. but this pic was meant to be a joke!

  17. *gasps* No… really?

  18. Noahs ark? There you go …blaming the Jews again!

  19. Actually planet Earth is a myth..

  20. shit we’ve been discovered!

  21. Yeah, they crossed over enemy lines in China, flew over the Atlantic, and stealthily over the US unnoticed by all the patrol planes, in which then they dropped a bunch of subs and aircraft carriers out of the sky and in to the water during the year of 1931. “slow hand clap”. Great Job!!

  22. Brought to you by the same people who think that the whole world is killing people just to get Trump out of office.

  23. What if they flew west to east? The logical way is to fly a fraction of the distance from Japan directly to Hawaii in a southeastern direction

  24. I think the us government did pearl barber to ourselves just like we did 9/11. Look at flight paths. You can’t get th Japan from the west coast. And Japan can’t get to the USA heading east. Somthing is very off by the time and date line.

    It’s pretty obvious even boats don’t cross the time and date line.

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