Latest Menswear Collection by Spanish Fashion Label Palomo


Featured below is a men’s fashion collection by Palomo Spain: a Spanish company that offers a really odd take on how menswear should look in the future. What a time to be alive…


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  1. This isn’t funny at all !!!!! Its SCAREY!!!!!!
    It’s demonic and Evil and it’s part of Satan …. The Bible says it’s obamanation to your body and believe me everyone’s got appointment with God. And they have no right putting this out in the world for our children to see they have no right just showing our kids this demonic stuff!!!!

    • OMG its fashion! fashion on so many different levels were there before you and all your decents were beating your bibles!! get a grip and seek professional HELP!!!

    • Sandy Armitage July 18, 2017

      Oh dear…I imagine you feel David Bowie has gone straight to hell…I don’t like the fashions but I feel sorry for you in your twisted and unimaginative little bubble of nastiness…can’t you see how anti-Christian you are?

    • HAHAHAHA! Hilarious! “Obamanation”!!!! Genius!! :D

    • Not terribly creative because they all look like they’re based on women’s fashions of the past. What about something new, creative, something we would ALL like to wear. Forget gender.

    • Listen here, I agree this is overly-effette, pretentious bullshit, and an abomination that makes my eyes bleed, but there’s absolutely no need to use it as an excuse to ram your paranoid-delusional fantasy about an imaginary all-powerful imaginary sky-being down everyone’s throat.
      Plus, the look on that black dude’s face says it all. My dog had the same look after the vet cut his balls off.

    • More inspiration for womens clothes!!!Very art:-)

    • “obamanation”.. :-)

    • Morgan– I would like to know your Scripture reference pertaining to these outfits. I feel you are taking scripture out of context (as many do). The Bible does not say the clothes you wear are an abomination. Women were not to adorn themselves with gold jewelry and other fancities because in their day they would be dressing like the enemy nations that worshiped idols. God wanted them to stay pure to himself. Followers of Yahweh are to dress modestly and not ostentatiously. God is the judge of what is an abomination to him. He gives us guidelines to follow. That being said, while I don’t agree men should wear outfits like that as they are not appealing to me I can not judge a man who chooses to–that is between him and God. The models in the pictures do not look pleased wearing these outfits but maybe that is part of the marketing plan–these men are paid for the job–whether they actually would buy the products we don’t know. As believers in Christ we do have to stay open-minded to the changing world so that we can know how to connect to it– not give in to it. We are to stay grounded in God’s teachings but we can’t be so close-minded and judgmental that we push people away from God’s love. We need to be the sweet loving aroma of God to bring people to Him and let God guide them toward any changes. God guides each of us on our individual journeys– we are to support each other and encourage each other… not condemn each other.

    • Obamanation?!!
      You have no clue how accurate your
      faux pas is! He could happily be 1 of the models :D
      The comments I’ve read- are spot on-(excepting the hellfire brimstone thumpers.)
      A sad statement of fashion.

    • Real men don't care what others wear August 13, 2017

      But it’s cool for priests to rape kids?

    • honestly you are overreacting – it’s just clothes

    • All righty, I 100% support transgender people, gender benders, androgyny, etc etc, but most of these look hideous imo. WTF? And their facial expressions look like a joke, most of them. I hope it’s parody and not a legitimate attempt at fashion.

      But wtf does this have to do with the Bible? All they are doing is wearing a certain type of clothing. Is there somewhere in the Bible that says that men can’t take photos in their underwear or wear dresses? There is plenty of insane, demonic stuff advocated by the Bible, but I highly doubt even that piece of junk complains about this clothing. The Bible is evil, though.

  2. I look around me and see men that go to work every day. They come home to their wives and children and take responsibility for their families and their lives. Why would a man be willing to put something like this on? If you need that sort of attention you need to get counseling from a men’s group. I’m sorry, but what I see here are pansies.

    • Did you say pansies, or panties? Lol!

    • I’m pretty sure those are carnations and irises but my sister in law’s a florist. I’ll ask her if you want? oh…how silly of me….you meant…oh. I’m so sorry. How very rude of me to misunderstand your true meaning. I’ll leave you alone know so you can go back in your closet. Don’t worry the men’s group will still be here when you decide to come out. This bad fashion worn by models will hopefully be long gone.

    • Real men don't care what others wear August 13, 2017

      Because it’s a man’s role to work and look after the family while wifey stays home and looks after the kids? What year is it, mate?

    • Cracked pot paradise. Thank heaven for little boys, little boys not made for little girls…

  3. Even the models don’t look happy.

  4. Models look really uncomfortable… most of these “fashions” are ugly, even for women.

  5. A couple of them look stoned out of their minds! What the hell kind of bs is this crap? The one guys gonna find out first hand how hard it is to keep hose up with a garter belt. Thats why women dont wear them anymore. To top it all off – this “fashion” is plain old ugly.

  6. What this is is sad. This breaks the heart of God. Men were made for so much more. These men don’t know who they are.

    • Real men don't care what others wear August 13, 2017

      They look pretty confident, professionally competent and comfortable with themselves, Phyllis… you are the one with your panties in a bunch over what someone else is wearing… meanwhile u can clearly see these guy’s panties remain unbunched. Find a charitable and altruistic outlet for your faith rather than condemning those who you deem not to be worthy of your god.

  7. wtf??? is this real indeed? I happy I am not part of this hyper advanced liberal western culture where everything is allowed except normal things…

    • Real men don't care what others wear August 13, 2017

      Did the pretty frills and bows frighten u?

  8. These are the most imaginative, beautiful, creative, outstanding… Halloween costumes? I mean, really? I have no problem with gay, lesbian, trans, bi, whatever, but this seems too far out there for anyone.

  9. Gross. The de-masculinity of all males is on display in these pictures. I will never advocate for this attire now or in the future. Humanity has clear gender differences down to genetics which does not need to be redefined by fashion designers of anyone else.

    • Real men don't care what others wear August 13, 2017

      What is masculinity? Should they be driving trucks or chopping down trees? Arm wrestling?
      Drinking steins of beer? Sure men and women are bioligically different but im afraid the concept of “masculinity” you are clinging to is merely a social construct and changes with the fashion of the time and varies from culture to culture. Sorry, mate, but your “masculinity” is the next person’s “douchery”.

  10. Total shit…

  11. James Guinane July 23, 2017

    Sick ugly Bastards, need to be committed to a Nut House.

    • Real men don't care what others wear August 13, 2017

      … for doing their job and getting paid? And ugly? Where’s your modelling contract, “bro”?

  12. Looks ridiculous smh

  13. No creativity just plain sick.

  14. S I C K ! ! !

  15. All these people look drugged. This is so sad.

  16. I’m waiting for women to look like women again… Girly and feminine, the sort of girl men melt over……..and for men to be sexy and masculine… Something to ‘swoon’ over, ha! ha!
    Sadly, this doesn’t cut it. I DON’T care about this ‘shock’ type dribble…just another venue to sell clothing to gullible buyers who are trying DESPERATELY to be first to wear the so called ‘fashion Statement’…
    Ever notice the styles repeat themselves every 30 years or so with slight modifications, so it’s the Designers idea? The reason for that is, they have run out of new ideas.
    Just like the Movie Industry keeps re-hashing old Movies… No new ideas… There’s nobody left that is innovative… Nobody “up and Coming” to lead the crowd… Welcome to the decline of Civilization, ha! ha!
    I think these Designers are so Desperate to make a Buck, they will make ‘ bilked fools’ out of every sex…

    • Real men don't care what others wear August 13, 2017

      Just as you are rehashing your old tired stereotypes of gender roles? Nobody is forcing u to date a guy who is wearing this stuff.

  17. Alex Gossand August 14, 2017

    Actually, yes, drugs were involved . . . . . why do you ask?

  18. Scott Wright August 15, 2017

    I’ll die before I step into this “future!”

  19. If you are seriously shaken by this fashion you are very likely a closet homosexual. And I don’t like homosexuals.
    Kidding, I love my homosexual friends and relatives! :)

  20. PEOPLE, you SERIOUSLY need to take English 101! More and more supposedly English speaking people are butchering the language! PLEASE, take the class!

  21. OMG this is hilarious, probably we are seeing the next Scary Movie outfits. This is not fashion, this is lack of inspiration. I think fashion has to be about beauty and all i see here is grotesque.

  22. God help us

  23. einfach nur krank sorry

  24. Baltazaar. April 3, 2018

    Gender paradise.

  25. Wow, so entertaining to read the comments here. Thank you, “real men don’t care what others wear” for making me laugh out loud at your responses. It is amazing to me how closed minded and condescending people are simply from looking at some pictures. Love and light to ya all anyway.

  26. Larry Conkright July 12, 2019

    I guess I am the odd one out on this one…I think it is the most brilliant statement yet to the absolute shitstorm the repugnant right, hand and hand, with the church to force this sad and outdated social constructs that fit their narrow minded, small and twisted beliefs for so very long. BRAVO!! How completely delicious! Sorry, I have been waiting for far too long for the industry to create such a complete OFMG what the fu*k did I just see? A commenter posted above about their eyes bleeding…and there is the beauty of that experience…to make the point that WHATEVER is to come in this journey of exploration: EFF YOU right in the brain through your eye sockets…your approval is not requested and your participation may not be your choice! Its a NEW WORLD FOLKS! Thank the gods!

  27. i dont know what they are but they re not men and thats not fashion

  28. Just plain hideous. Those poor boys look like they could do with a few good dinners.

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