Latest Menswear Collection by Spanish Fashion Label Palomo


Featured below is a men’s fashion collection by Palomo Spain: a Spanish company that offers a really odd take on how menswear should look in the future. What a time to be alive…


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  1. Gay or straight ;no man wearing that would last 2 minutes walking around my town !!

  2. \zcdsacfds July 13, 2017

    The person who designed this is sick and need help

  3. Sick sick people who desperately needs help.

    • The Illuminati July 13, 2017

      Yes, you are, I can give you the names of some good therapists in your area if you like.

  4. Complete embarresment for the human race.

    • The Illuminati July 13, 2017

      Yes, you are.

    • I’ve lived in both countries, the U.S. and Spain and I’d always chose Spain (in everything) over the U.S., which is a rather backwoods country comparatively. Most of these comments are deep redneck U.S. talking. You can’t expect them to have any valid opinion on anything due to their lack of education and culture.

    • That sums it all up

  5. Joke not worth commentary

  6. Maggie Ansell July 13, 2017

    Menswear ? What men -I didn’t notice any !!

  7. David J. Biviano July 13, 2017

    Yeah, I’ll step outside my door in these – the last step of my life, which will immediately end!
    They are not a fashion designers but are using humans as canvases. They need frames!

  8. Frickin demented

  9. Need mental hospital

    • The Illuminati July 13, 2017

      Aww, sweetie, should I call you an ambulance to take you straight there?

  10. horrid idea, this can’t be a serious show. even as a parody of high fashion, it’s hard to fathom how anyone but a pouffe would wear it and probably have a rough time of it

  11. A parody, and it’s funny. If it’s serious, it’s just stupid.

    • It seems to ridicule the way women dress and use makeup by using designs that are over the top even for women, with frills, see-through fabrics, high boots, etc.

  12. Lynette van Vuuren July 13, 2017

    This designer hates men

  13. I absolutely don’t like these wear, but I think there is a lot more sick person leaving comments than the designer ;)

  14. These are seriously ridiculous.

  15. Spark Andy July 13, 2017


  16. Can’t stop laughing long enough to write anything… HAHAhaHAha!

  17. comment above… still laughing tho… HAHAHAHA

  18. Sure is nice to see men embracing their feminine side. I liked most of it but some did seem a little much.

  19. Protect them. Need some support.

  20. Yvonne Ryan July 13, 2017

    AS A WOMAN I would loe to wear some of them petty impractical to wear tho’ am sure my grandsons would NOT wear any o them. maybe good for a Pride party.

  21. happy girl July 13, 2017

    can imagine Donald Trump in the one with hat and train doing the state of the union address. and Mike Pence in the see through with buldge in the last photo with Paul Ryan in the white outfit with the suspenders. fabulous.. tragic.. camp as he’ll.. metrosexuals heaven… can see Japanese men frocking to shop for new frocks.

  22. im gay and this is just sad, i know drag queens that wouldnt wear that shit

  23. David Drummond July 14, 2017

    Remember, the idea is to create a buzz …. that they have certainly done. I see nothing wrong with the whimsical nature or the sense of humour being shown.

  24. WilfullWilla July 14, 2017

    Oh get off the grass .. those models have an “I wish I didn’t have to be here” look on their faces and seriously, hell would have to freeze over before any guy I know would wear one of those. My girlfriends tho …. definitely!

  25. Carl lebon July 14, 2017

    They are not men

  26. wow…some moronic troll calling itself The Illuminati loves to bash sane people rejecting these horrific outfits…pssssssssssst Illuminating, you are only making yourself look like a fool

  27. Jerry Harvey July 14, 2017

    Looks like the drag queen drug rehab exploded leaving countless victims behind.

  28. This is a joke right?? Right?

  29. they all look intoxicated

  30. I have never seen such a bunch of tortured souls! Frankly, I don’t care what they wear but they look physically and mentally ill!

  31. Francesco July 14, 2017

    Mental depravation

  32. Francesco July 14, 2017

    Mental depravation. The designer (?) DESERVE A JAIL

  33. I am amazed at the undiluted aggression in the comments. I see this event as a form of nostalgia for the unattainable;the search for new presentations by working without rules, no familiar catogaries to the work…the show has the character of an event and must be seen and analised as that. Embrace the ‘original’ unfamiliar look on a situation and also experience it as something with humour in it’s focus on it’s euvre and enjoy it!

    • I agree. Have some fun! I once accidentally went to a bar where men were dressed as women. Using all the assessories available, they were much more beautiful and glamorous than us ordinary females. Fun time enjoying the show. We are too serious.

  34. Luca Groenendijk July 14, 2017

    Testosterone levels have dropped from 700 (beginning 20th century) to 400 now.
    Testosterone levels will continue to drop until men are not women anymore.
    Society is now being so socially engineered that men are becoming women and women are becoming more men. To what end? And who is behind this? The fashion designer is right to say that men will wear this in the future, because of these facts.

  35. Why is it that models are not allowed to smile? It really impacts the viewer – I’d love to see these re-shot with the models looking like they were enjoying the shoot – lots of smiles and playfulness

  36. I’m just speechless. This is wrong in so many ways. SMH

  37. Women are expected to look like this!!

    • It seems to ridicule the way women dress and use makeup by using designs that are over the top even for women, with frills, see-through fabrics, high boots, etc.

  38. Candice Lewis July 14, 2017

    I think that a lot of this is really fun, why shouldn’t men wear more ‘feminine’ things if they want to? I assume it would be most appealing to men who enjoy cross dressing (and that can be gay or straight). How unimaginative and lacking in intelligence we are if we limit what people can wear … I would be so delighted and amazed to see a man wearing any of these! Let’s be open minded – if you wouldn’t wear it then why would you care if someone else did? Perhaps it’s too threatening to that person’s ideas and limited view? Fashions change all the time and it’s probably long overdue that men can once again wear what we now view as ‘feminine’ things! Think of the 18th Century Dandy!

  39. Seems like a nice boy

  40. Some pieces of clothes are nice but for woman. However most of models look like the’ve been abused mentally and phisically for years and then killed, taken out of morgue and dressed up. I felt very disturbed watching them

  41. These feminists hate us so much that they will not stop until all men heterosexuals have to pretend to be homosexuals to survive in society. I understand that hate; We are the competition. – We both like pretty girls, but we have something that they do not have –

  42. While it’s true that there’s serious feminized men’s clothing, these fashions seem to be more about ridiculing the way women dress and use makeup by using designs and poses that are over the top even for women, with frills, see-through fabrics, high boots, etc.

  43. I hope we come from a time when people can express themselves as they wish. too many narrow minded bigots in this world

  44. Martha Cunningham July 14, 2017

    It’s time for men to wake up! The feminist movement is destroying you.
    The pendulum has swung too far.

  45. Joe Neckbone July 14, 2017

    Bwwaaaahahahaha :D

  46. Well, talk about perfect marketing! I never would have paused to check out this line and now I’ve seen it. Hooray for you, wackadoodle designer, for making a crazy decision while drunk, and then apparently casting the models while drunk as well. Terrible models!

  47. Paola Barbieri July 14, 2017

    Worse thing of all of this is not the “fashion”, but these boys that are clearly anorexic and sad……

  48. Wovenflame July 14, 2017

    I sure hope those models were paid well. Some of them look like they are almost suicidally depressed..

  49. Are you out of your mind!?

  50. They look like they’ve been abused or are dangerously addicted to drugs. Its just sad.

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