This Is a Really Inappropriate Offer From a Doctor

He should be treating the patient, not inviting him to join doctor’s wild parties. Smoking? Drinking? Drugs? What has the world come to…

Do you smoke, drink, or use drugs? Yeah... I'm down for whatever. We should hang out sometime...

26 thoughts on “This Is a Really Inappropriate Offer From a Doctor”

  1. Did you hear about the dyslexic who got punched into the face because he went to the wrong bar?

    A dyslexic man accidentally went into the wrong bra.

  2. Did you hear the joke about trump having a high IQ? Neither have I, jokes need to have some sort of relevance to them!

  3. What is the difference between an oyster with epilepsy,
    And a women with diarrhoea?
    With the oyster you will have to shuck it between fits.

  4. The above “joke” made me choke while trying to deep throat
    a Costco hotdog.

  5. Did you hear the one about Biden in telling made up stories of talking to two separate European statesman who are both dead; (German Chancellor Helmut Kohl died in 2017 and Francois Millerrand who died in 1996). In less then a week he stood at the podium telling manufactured lies. The man is brain dead. It’s funny because the Marxist Left want him to do 4 more years. Haha 😂 Great Joke guys!

  6. My grandma is dead, and I talked to her, when she was alive! Stick with me sugar and you’ll learn a thing or two!

  7. Two lies in one week? Listen to a speech by Trump and you will hear many more lies in five minutes.

  8. Dude’s cute!

  9. If one like cavemen.

  10. The special counsel stated the he did commit the crimes, but that they won’t prosecute because hes an elderly man with a bad memory. Counldnt even remember when has son died with in 7 to 8 years, he’s done. Put a fork in it. Noone wants Kamala Harris as President

  11. The other elderly man mistook a “not his type” rape victim for his wife. Put a fork in it.

  12. I’m so deep in it.

  13. Sorry, but your a Biden supporter. Nothing you say has any value because.. well.. you support potato head. Your retarded, obviously. The man is provably a potato head. Everyone knows that. But their you are.. yea Biden! Four more years! Disgusting.

  14. Sorry, but your a Trump supporter. Nothing you say has any value because.. well.. you support kremlin agent. You’re retarded, obviously. The man is provably a Kremlin agent. Everyone knows that. But there you are.. yea Putin… uhm Trump! Four more years! Disgusting.

  15. No. I’m not. I don’t vote in the US. And neither do you! Haha. Get a life.

  16. Says the guy writing a whole rant about a man who isn’t even his president.

  17. Well, so far the Biden supporter used the correct spelling! So if they’re retarded, what does that make you?

  18. A typical Trump projectionist but without even a one star movie.

  19. America hate 24/7/385. All from people with their hand out taking from the American tax payer. We hate you, now give us money, fight to protect us and did I mention we hate you? Pathetic. Have you people no shame

  20. Fight to protect us? Only if that serves your economic interest. Give us money? You are trailing most of the world in international development aid per capita. Have no shame? For telling you that mr Orange is a psychopath?

  21. I think Americans have no idea of what happens with their tax dollars.

  22. They go to a big man in a big fancy chair! Don’t they?

  23. America should just stop giving everyone money. Everyone. If countries need military help, say with Russia or crazy Muslims then countries can pay the US for it. They can come up with a menu of options and it’s 50% down. If you don’t pay or have the money you don’t deserve to be a country. Like Canada. No one likes a leech.

  24. But your a troll! Which is essentially a leech of the internet!

  25. And no one here likes him.

  26. Yes.. Americans should just pay for everything and shut up about it. It’s not like it’s THEIR tax money paying Canada’s NATO dues etc.. Cut off the parasites to save the host. Commen sense.

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