Psychotherapy Can Help With Having an Imaginary Girlfriend

Psychotherapy can really help you with the problem of having an imaginary girlfriend… Wait, let’s rephrase that… Psychotherapy can really help your imaginary girlfriend to move on and find someone better. If you really love her, let her go!

I have an imaginary girlfriend. You can do better. I don't think I can. I was talking to your girlfriend.

18 thoughts on “Psychotherapy Can Help With Having an Imaginary Girlfriend”

  1. I have an imaginary superfriend.

  2. He would probably stalk her in his demented dreams.

  3. I think men can get pregnant

  4. Then you are stupid and a failure at biology class. But men should have the right to get pregnant.

  5. Men do have the right to get pregnant. They have the right to have periods. They just biologically can’t. Pretending they can is ridiculous.

  6. More fake culture wars? Jeez. Enjoy your Valentine’s Day. Alone.

  7. How I wish it was fake

  8. Stop with the bigotry

  9. Only rightards do that. And it’s so transparent.

  10. No bigot Y chromossome will tell me if I can or cannot get pregnant

  11. Anon #2, it’s not real unless you let it live rent free in your head, and swallow every lie and exaggeration fed to you by right wing media. Get deprogrammed bro.

  12. Drag show for kids, gender ideology at school for kids are not my head.

  13. Maybe you should be more worried about grifters and treacherous insurrectionists in the GOP.

  14. Hehe… swallow

  15. You can’t get pregnant. But you have the right to get pregnant.

  16. “Rent free in your head” is MAGA-speech for “look the other way while we destroy the country”.

  17. Hate drag queens
    Love Santos
    I’m confused, please tell me what to think!

  18. No

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