This is Why I’m Never Having Kids

26 thoughts on “This is Why I’m Never Having Kids”

  1. Little angels!

  2. Too bad your parents didn’t feel this way – if you get my drift.

  3. Pretty lame excuse for not having kids.

  4. a little supervision goes a long way.

  5. :DDDDD

  6. Nope…none of that stopped me.

  7. It is funny the next day. Just got to roll with it.

  8. amen

  9. Its nice that you have probably born adult.

  10. Dey such a blessing, DAT wouldn’t stop me

  11. This is why I have two !!

  12. You don’t have kids just because you don’t have girlfriend/wife.

  13. Kids are revolting.

  14. I agree so strongly

  15. Why do parent think snot, poo, or other fluids leaving from their children think it is pleasant to share pictures with other. For that matter why do they think it is ‘cute’ to even take a picture in the first place.
    I’ll bet most of these people would call the police if they saw a drunk adult urinating in a doorway… Whats the difference?

  16. Really??? Serious??? Really?

  17. So funny

  18. Sooo this is the reason you don’t have kids!?! Or is the real reason cause you make sweet love to ur computer everynight? Lolol like u “chose” not to reproduce.

  19. Other kids are. Ur kids are just ur kids..

  20. If need to ask what’s the difference between a child that pooped his pants and a drunk adult, you are dumb. Simple as that.

  21. Jesus, what kind of awful parents would take pictures of their kids in this state? In the one where they’ve ruined the flooring and the TV with white paint, they’re *smiling* because their parent thought it was funny to take a picture, thereby giving them approval, and making a connection in their brains between “doing something bad” and “amusing the people we care about”. Yeesh.
    None of these are good excuses for not having kids, since parenting is about paying your dues until they actually become “people” (read: adults), but the fact that this page exists sure is a good example of why *these* people shouldn’t have had kids.

  22. ours were not this bad

  23. Oh the memories!

  24. Yes, really. Obviously you don’t have kids. If you can’t laugh off any of this destruction, you should have stayed a selfish liberal hipster piece of shit.

  25. Just the boogers alone would have me vomiting, and that’s not even the worst thing that a child can make to gross me out.

  26. Shoulda had an abortion!

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