Identifying Birds: It’s Really Not That Hard

Identifying birds to avoid mistaking them for other animals is actually pretty easy. Birds have wings and beaks. Non-birds do not have wings and beaks. There you go.

I'm an expert at identifying birds. OK, what about those ones flying over that tree? Yup, they're all birds.

15 thoughts on “Identifying Birds: It’s Really Not That Hard”

  1. What they are really looking for are liberal and conservative brains…….but all they found were birds!

  2. And Trump is an expert real estate evaluator.

  3. Bigmouth Trump chickend out of Zelenskyy’s invitation to visit Kyiv and end the Russo-Ukrainian war. 🐔 What a coward.

  4. Russia invaded Ukraine over a year after Trump left office. I’m not sure what impact you could have expected a visit from a disgraced former U.S. president to have on that situation. 🤔

  5. Trump himself claims he would end the war in minutes. Let him proof it. But I think he will end it like he ended the pandemic…

  6. Just let them all die? Isn’t that how he ended the pandemic?

  7. Inject those pesky ruskkis with bleach! Then for good measure roast there insides with UV radiation! That’ll get em!

  8. He will measure Ukraine, find it to be three times its actual size, and split it equally between Ukraine, Putin and himself.

  9. Maybe Justine and his magic socks could fix it?

  10. @Mmhmmm Exactly.

  11. Justine won’t fix it, so he doesn’t pretend he can.

  12. But.. he’s got the magic socks..

  13. Only in a schizophrenic mind of some Canada idiot. Magic socks don’t exist. Magic doesn’t exist.

  14. Justine’s socks are magic. How else does he stay in office. We Canadians have to be under some kind of magic spell to let him rule us and it has to be the socks. The alternative is that we are all dumber then a bag of hammers. Has to be the socks.

  15. A sock puppet without a hand innit can’t be as boring as you are. 😴

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