Saw My Ex Yesterday


Yesterday I was driving down the road and saw my ex. It's funny how "I'd hit that" changed meaning over the years.


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  1. Very true!

    • This is why I have to run on the bike path and not along the road, so many of you incels. GFYS.

    • Incels are not even men. Less human. They are more like angry garbage in the streets.

  2. Femicide is not a joke. I ask the moderators to remove this meme for bad taste at least.

    • Help! Help! I'm being oppressed! November 8, 2021

      What if it’s a 300lb trans? Is it femicide? Is the first or second case less or more offensive? Is the person driving who looks like a POC make it intersectionaly acceptable to make this comment?

    • I explain it to you.
      It’s the same as it is ok to make fun of white people while it may not be fun when it is about black people. What may be funny or mean for you as a while guy can be hurtful or brutal to a black person as they are not only your victim at that moment but also a victim of their living conditions, like discrimination or low social status. Conditions they may be prohibited to escape by your group.
      It’s the same principle.
      Women are among the group more likely to become a victim of violence. That’s why it is not ok to make fun of it. Especialy as many women are killed by their partners – which are usually men. It’s something different than the fact that most men are killed by other men. Women also face many invisible walls and discrimination in a world that is dominated (the word says it) by men. Especialy white man. A group that I belong too. And it makes our lifes easy. But sometimes harder for those who weren’t that lucky at the birth lottery. A lottery which rules were settled some day at the dawn of the copper age by someone who thought he was better than other people.
      I explained it to you. It’s up too you to understand it.

  3. Sorry not Sorry, “Manly Man” [sic], what’s *really* bad taste is your selective sensitivity.
    Guaranteed you said nothing (but probably applauded) as the NYC theatrical troupe “assassinated” President Trump.
    But now it’s Waaahmbulance time?!
    Look up the medicine “Growacet”; it might help you. You’re welcome!

    • I don’t know what you are talking about. I’m not so much for the death sentence. I understand the thought is tempting in that case for some. Someone posted he’s responsible for 800,000 dead Americans. I think that’s true. Also lying in office, tax evasion, stealing tax payer money, undermining democracy and a failed coup… Trump should be behind bars. No more pu**y grabbing for starter to keep to the topic.

  4. How did Trump kill almost a million people? How is that not being reported anywhere? Need some facts or it’s just BS.

    • Read the newspapers, watch TV, surf online. It’s everywhere. It’s on tape. It’s in pictures. He killed them by imcompetence and inaction. He preffered to play golf instead of managing a pandemic.

  5. So using that flawed logic, Joe Biden is responsible for all the deaths since he took office? I think perhaps not.

    • If you use logic you come to the conclusion that what we face now is the aftermath of Trump’s time in office. Biden is trying to manage the huge pile of doodoo left by his predecessor.

  6. Democrats in 2036: well we’re still dealing with the Trump Administrations failures so nothing is our fault. 🤣😂

    • He did great damage. “Make damage to America great again” was his slogan. 2036 sounds realistic.

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