Shopping at IKEA Is Extremely Dangerous

When you accidentally summon a demon while trying to pronounce IKEA furniture names...

12 thoughts on “Shopping at IKEA Is Extremely Dangerous”

  1. Happend to me ones. But the demon missed was missing a few parts and the manual was rubbish and when I had assembled the the supposed succubus, he turn out to be a reasonably friendly Swedish troll.

  2. Looks like the furniture demon targets fat-Indians with iphone obsessive compulsive disorder.

  3. You win the internet!

  4. Say “IKEA” in a screechy voice and it sounds like the demon pictured here.

  5. Accidentally?

    I ALWAYS do it on purpose.

  6. Just don’t build it and you’ll be alright.

  7. Summoning demons is actually state policy in sweden. Just change the indians to arabs in the picture, and that could be any tuesday afternoon in malmö.

  8. WTH

  9. 😐😑😑😑😑😑

  10. My favorite furniture place ever. I don’t see any problem here. Recommended 100%

  11. r/UnexpectedC’thulhu

  12. you guys are so funny I like the screechy voice picture that

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