This Hunting Season Should Be Pretty Good

Hunting is going out of fashion and even those who used to hunt animals are switching to vegan hunting. The future is looking bright for wild animals.

I think we have a pretty good chance this season. The average hunter is getting older and millennials are just not interested anymore.

8 thoughts on “This Hunting Season Should Be Pretty Good”

  1. But now all the deer are turning into zombies…

  2. Plenty of tranq and opiate addicted zombies in Kensington, PA, but there’s no sport in hunting them.

  3. Half of Americans are Trump zombies.

  4. Half of all? Half of a certain group? So many variables. Be specific with your data. Be a troll with dignity and credibility!

  5. Half. You included.

  6. We have a zombie and a diversity hire so bad they’d rather leave the zombie in chief as the figurehead.

  7. I’m wrong, thought the zombie craze was finally over.

  8. Still spreading. Some conservatives got infected too.


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