Human Logic

12 thoughts on “Human Logic”

  1. And the alternative is…? Maybe:
    Poop in crude oil, now its so cheap.
    Poop on rasins, hard to flush.
    Poop on poop, its normal at festivals.
    Poop on apple producta as they are in large supply.
    Me thinks water is an idea option though.

  2. Go ahead. Try to do it without the water. Also, water is cheaper than any other liquid you could use, so I really think the premise of being the “World’s most Precious Resource” isn’t really cutting it here.

  3. The world is my urinal.

  4. The alternative is a synthetic organism (with a large, long and tender tongue) engineered to love poop and eat it.

  5. You are hear by forbidden to poop in city water in your toilet as it causes methane and C02 emissions that cause global warming. From now on all residents must poop in a dry bucket and compost it in their back yard.
    Your Overlords-Seattle City Counsel.
    (save a tree and don’t print this memo)

  6. Actually, clean, purified to drinking quality, water is not optimal for washing away your poop. Seawater or untreated water (like – straight from a river) may be cheaper. But then again – you will need double the plumbing.

  7. We could poop in the middle of super-induced coil, thus effectively transforming our poop into liquid poop plasma and teleporting it to a different dimension.
    Speaking of dimensions – can’t wait till we find out how can we tear through spacetime and send our waste to alien planets and times haha

  8. Vee vill be checking. Ja!

  9. The Internet- most amazing invention in human history, making available nigh all the worlds knowledge to anyone who cares to look. We use it to spend time looking at pictures like this.

  10. You think water– which covers 3/5 of the globe and can be processed into potable state by THE RAIN CYCLE— is a precious resource, try doing without basic sanitation.

  11. ohhh touche sir.

  12. The (or one) alternative would be to poop in not so clean water like the one used in the washing machine or dishwasher already.

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