Flirting Tip: How To Respond To a Compliment

It may be confusing to receive a compliment. Especially if you’re a guy, and that doesn’t happen often. Here’s a flirting tip. Step 1: say thanks. Step 2: state something painfully obvious so the girl thinks that you have a learning disability. Ladies love that. You’re welcome.

You smell so great! Thank you. I use both nostrils.

10 thoughts on “Flirting Tip: How To Respond To a Compliment”

  1. Ableist comment. People with deviated septum can smell too.

  2. Republicans only smell on rectums.

  3. You forgot to tell your pronouns

  4. You smell so great,
    Thank you,I just cut a wicked one.

  5. For what? Doesn’t make a sense in such a sentence. You lose.

  6. The pronoun-in-bio anon implied there is a situation where it makes sense to tell its pronoun %]

  7. My guess he’s an idiot then.

  8. They could be brother and sister.

  9. Their facial features speak against that.

  10. It’s called deviant rectum.


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