7 thoughts on “How Protests Work”

  1. Where is the next frame that shows “thing” a.k.a. the IRS, robbing business at knife point?

  2. Or it could show people looting and burning businesses

  3. I first read this as a protest against “think.” The message didn’t really change.

  4. The government has been taxing the business, as well as the income of the owner. With the taxes they have collected, they paid for the health care, education and housing of the protestors, all of whom will suck the welfare system and the owner for every cent they can, and then when there is no money left to be had they will claim how they are beaten down by the system and deserve a better life than the one they have. Notice none of them are trying to apply for a job with the business.
    Let the barrage of liberal replies commence . . .

  5. Actually the only reply you deserve is…. idiot.

  6. Last panel should have Mike Brown’s mother selling T shirts.

  7. @Actually…: A lot of people that work in the US are also on welfare and assistance programs, entirely because the wage they get is so low. Minimum wages have not kept up with inflation for a long time.
    Giving free/cheap doctor visits reduces preventable diseases, which if not prevented lead to extremely expensive to treat diseases that cost the government more, and bankrupt families through insane medical bills, also leading to more government costs.
    Lastly why do so many normal US people buy into the welfare/tax propaganda? It’s like you pay taxes, and you get so riled up to scream and yell to not spend those taxes on you.
    Spend taxes on free doctor visits and you never have to worry about going to the doctor again. Spend taxes on good education and you never have to worry about which school your children go to again (plus the added effects of reduced crime, higher productivity, higher ingenuity, etc education gives). Remove the oil/coal/gas subsidies for the huge corporations and use them to subsidise your power bill, the oil companies already make huge profits and don’t need subsidies.
    Corporations got tax cuts so they could pass on their profits to their workers (ala trickle down economics). Of course wages didn’t rise, so raise the minimum wage so the lower taxes actually increase prosperity like they were meant to. If people earn more they won’t need as much assistance.

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