Did You Ever Think About That?!

Did you ever think about that?! No, you only think about yourself!!!

2 thoughts on “Did You Ever Think About That?!”

  1. Landlord:
    Please, it’s 2019 and you just insulted The Chocolate, The Vanilla, The Hot, the Not So Hot. And you just insulted the one off’s. The cis gen identifies as female and not so female.

    I have said this before there is only Male and Female. There is only Chocolate and Vanila…. and Mango.

    Che Guevara hates gay’s and blacks, I read this on the intrawebs but not on youtube, but it is on bitchute. I am so confused.

  2. If I tell people I think I’m Napoleon, people start talking mental institution.

    If I tell people I identify as a japanese comic character or an animal. I’m *brave*. Besides, you should all address me as Stonk and THEMHESHE, because I’m narcissistic af.

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