US Healthcare System Explained

Doctor, I'm sad. Sad backwards is das, and das not good. Anyways, here's your bill.

28 thoughts on “US Healthcare System Explained”

  1. It’s sad because das true.

  2. Of course he could go to Europe and wait a year before he even gets to see a doctor.

  3. Rightard fake stories. Or else I would be dead now.

  4. Yeppers. That’s why all the Canadian bigshots come to the United States when they need medical attention.

  5. I broke my hand and went to doctor next day for FREE. i live in north europe.
    It is so sad to watch when americans think their country is the greatest. They are Fat nation with lot of guns and Pickup trucks.. lol

  6. Canadian doctors can’t spell backwards?

  7. lol. I guess you haven’t heard of people heading to Canada to get Lasik or cheaper prescription drugs?

    Kobe was an American bigshot and he went all the way to Germany to get his knee worked on.

  8. Meme makes a point about American healthcare being expensive.

    Anonymous poster can’t dispute that we pay way too much for healthcare, so he tries to change the topic to Canada. Again.

    If you want to convince us of anything, maybe you should stay on topic. Tell us how the American plans are so great. Maybe one day the Republicans will actually come up with a plan that’s an improvement. Shouldn’t be hard to improve on Obamacare. I mean, they’ve been telling us it’s the worst bill in history for about 13 years now, they just can’t seem to think of anything better…… or anything at all really.

  9. And he didn’t even get a Mickey Mouse plaster….

  10. That’s just BS US healthcare propaganda to keep the US chattel convince that for-profit healthcare is a good thing.

  11. *lol* In the US it’s cheaper to fly patients charter to Canada or Mexico to get their prescription than doing it inland. But yeah, ‘Murica. Make orange man king.

  12. Looks like the english legal system. Although the pics are in the wrong order.

  13. Healthcare is communism. Suffering is strenght. Dying of a cold is freedom.

  14. 751 unmarked graves found at indigenous “boarding school” site. When you start adding up all the deaths during that dark period of Canadian history genocide seems an accurate term. Read up on it. . Glass houses Canada.. glass houses.

  15. So all those millions (!) of natives in the US fled to Canada and were slaughtered by British forces instead of the US army?
    I guess General Custer and his fellow colleagues did nothing wrong and the trail of tears was a fun activity.
    Disgusting hypocrit. I spit before your feet.

  16. During Covid pandemic? Wouldn’t that be considered attempted murder in the Land of Justine? Justine 😂🤣.

  17. You have to love the Left. Indians flee to Canada and are genocided by Canadians and so it’s still Americans fault. Because on the Left two wrong make a right. You can’t make this stuff up.

  18. When or “if” Justine Pierre Trudeau Castro ever leaves office we should have a name pool. My $ is on Tanner.. or maybe Cody.. Justine is just so perfect though. The way their headed it will probably be Xi.

  19. Are you kidding? America was committing genocide, and that’s why the natives were heading to Canada in the first place. 90% of the natives died.

    The natives ended up on the worst possible pieces of land, and many to this day don’t even have running water. That’s why Covid was so bad there. Canada doesn’t get a total pass, but all the above is on America.

    I don’t know WTF you are so obsessed with Canada. I guess you have to try to change the topic again since you can’t think of anything good to say about the American healthcare system. So sad.

  20. If you had healthcare I would send you to a psychiatrist.

  21. That rightard moron believes his own lies and any other as long as it fits into his echo chamber. Didn’t he want to quit Eatliver?

  22. You wanted to quit Eatliver. Just another one of your lies, eh?

  23. They have to bill $15k, to get $15 for the visit out of insurance companies or government healthcare. The uninsured are the ones who pay the price for this kabuki dance.

  24. You’re ugly too. That we can fix… 🦆🔜🦢

  25. Your post doesn’t make sense. Though we all know Americans are too stupid for healthcare. Orange man king.

  26. you’ve obviously never looked at an insurance statement. must be nice. they typically have a breakdown of charges, which says something like: Hospital gave you 1 aspirin, they billed $1500, we paid $100, you owe $75. medicaid/care offers them even less. thats why many docs dont take it. Without insurance you are on the hook for the whole greatly inflated list price.

  27. America is a scam.

  28. He’s even sadder now he’s had the Bill.

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