People Posting Their Horrible Problems On Twitter…

11 thoughts on “People Posting Their Horrible Problems On Twitter…”

  1. Me and Joe Bob has this problem all the time. J.B.’s wife said, “Turn thr dang things off and walk away.” She jest don’t understand. What we gonna do?

  2. I had to read all this rubbish because I had clicked the link.

  3. I feel sorry for all of these people….

  4. Ah, gotta love the first world! Now we laugh and screw around but the Chinese are gonna eat us alive soon…

  5. A twitter permit should be requiered before operating your account (plus a small fee/tax pero tweet)

  6. Would it be politically incorrect to make fun of BLACK PEOPLE’S tweets?!?

  7. Heart breaking.

  8. I have no golf cart and armed minions to row those people up and slap each and everyone while driving down the lane of luxurious morons.

  9. Mmm, Taste just like chicken.

  10. In (Jewish Amsterdam) Dutch, we actually have a saying for that.
    “Mij zal wat ergers overkomen” they say about themselves (Something worse will happen to me)
    The Urkers in the Netherlands are worse. If you say something like this around them, they go and chant “Waar is je mammie nou! Waar is je mammie nou!” (Where’s your mummie now?!”)

  11. That’s Wong on so many levels!

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