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7 thoughts on “Find Out Your 2019 Horoscope!”

  1. Hello horoscope joke, my old friend… *yawn*

  2. “The stars and planets won’t affect your life in anyway.”

    Yeah, sure! Say that when the meteor hits!

  3. A meteor is not a star or planet. The horoscope holds true in this instance.

  4. And you are posting this every January for *people* living on a *planet* that is warmed and illuminated by a nearby *star*. Yeah, stars and planets don’t affect us at all. :)

  5. It’s funny cos it’s true.

  6. @Common Sense Sez
    gravity of the sund AFFECT a meteor to hit your mum. where’s your yeahsure now?

  7. The clock hanging on the wall have more influence on the child being born, than stars, planets, moons in space. #Logic

    Besides, the constellation when a child is *conceived* might be more interesting to inspect. That’s the point where the DNA is shuffled and placed, yeah?

    – A.

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