Honesty Is Always Appreciated During Job Interviews


So why are you leaving your current job? Because of the toxic work culture. I appreciate the honesty. You’re hired. To survive our toxic culture, your prior experience will come in handy.


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  1. It’s funny because it’s true

  2. Too many super sensitive people. Some consider a job to have a toxic
    environment if the boss does not welcome them each and every day.
    Some consider the atmosphere toxic if eye contact is avoided by any
    of the other staff.
    These boobs make the job hell for the majority of staff.

  3. Everything has gone to far now. Everything.

  4. “Deaths with “unknown causes” now Alberta’s top killer”.
    – Calgary News

    Hmm.. what could be the reason…

    • I know, Simon. A higher proportion of antivaxxers in the population. Good riddance.

    • I’d say running out of breath is the biggest cause of death.
      Now hold your breath for a long, looooong time.

  5. New untested Jab coming up. I’m sure you’ll be first in line. If you don’t die of unknown causes that is.

    • Ladies and Gentlemen! Simon not understanding how vaccines or medicine in general work postulating his weirdo worldview. Again.

    • I’m afraid most of us will rather die from your nonsense than any vaccine, Simon.

  6. Ignore the facts. Get the vaxx. Pay no attention to the CDC or the NIH that is now publishing how they lied and people died. No one cares anymore. The pure bloods were right and we’re laughing our butts off listening to vaxxed people still trying to justify their 3rd case of Covid. Ridiculous.

    • I got 3 shots. Never had Covid. Still alive. Proof you are wrong. Same logic. Moron. All you want is more people to die of covid. Your daily kick. Psychopath.

    • I bet he’s vaxxed himself. Like all those antivaxxer politicians and youtubers.

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    your head. This will ensure a bat with rabies will never
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  8. Need we discuss the personality disorder that all spelling and punctuation Nazis have? I think perhaps not.

    • Means he lost the argument. Good. I win. Rational superiority.

    • There’s that personality disorder.. If you were right that make Biden the dumbest human walking. He is of course but not because he fumble’s a word now and again.

    • Not sure if Trump’s one word sentences count as a sign of intelligence.

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