The Real Meaning Behind Job Titles

12 thoughts on “The Real Meaning Behind Job Titles”

  1. What’s the definition for Unemployed?

  2. Democrat.

  3. Graphics Designer:
    Overweight long hair with bun and scruffy beard (except if woman then short hair, still has beard) with messy cubicle. Has pics of pink unicorns flying over rainbows and covers to obscure scifi fantasy books no one has ever heard of. Annoying, talking in lingo that requires extensive context to understand. Their only saving grace, is they are expert at using Adobe Premier and Illustrator which a normal person would be very frustrated with.

  4. More like Trump voter. One doesn’t vote Trump if he isn’t delusional enough to think that imbecile could create jobs.

  5. But if Democrats are the ones who want welfare policies, who is being the delusional?

  6. Strangly it works well for other countries. U.S.seem not be able to. Statistically it’s the country with most egoists. Americans are just not social in any way. Not like normal humans. The whole American society is faulty and failing.

  7. Unemployed:

    The person standing outside and watching through the window hatefully jealous.

  8. @Anonymous
    US was settled by criminals, bad guys, and evil doers. They were jettisoned from their indigenous cultures because of their bad behavior and risk taking shenanigans. They are genetically concentrated and predisposed to bad behavior and they own the wucking forld.

  9. “…Strangly it works well for other countries. U.S.seem not be able…” Well, check the TAX RATES for those Countries and you’ll have the answer. Socialists are very creative with other peoples money. Regarding “other countries”, i suggest you move there and tell us how you like it. Me, i what to KEEP what i earn, forget about “social engineering”, live in a home with a fence, dogs and legal firearms.

  10. Live is nice in those “other countries.” Comparing the EU against the US, getting a descent education is far cheaper, everybody has an affordable health insurance, live expectation is higher, crime is lower, working days are shorter, far more holidays, and in general people are happier. It is worth the extra tax, if you can get over your obsession with guns.

  11. And let us not forget high to crippling unemployment rates for half of those wonderful countries.

  12. The figures are not as bad as you seem to think.

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