Yet Another Celebrity Accused of Sexual Assault!

7 thoughts on “Yet Another Celebrity Accused of Sexual Assault!”

  1. No doubt. Caught in the act.

  2. What about PepĂ© Le Pew? No one talks about him because he’s black… and French. Racism everywhere, with so much video footage showing his crimes.

    This is so disgusting.

  3. Probably because he was just harassing that one cat. Bugs is jumping on anything that moves. Serial offenders are always more interesting the general populace than one-offs.

  4. @Rattus:
    You wouldn’t feel that way if you the pussy being chased by that stinker.

  5. Chased by a stinker hm. Just imagine

  6. For years I warned people about Bugs Bunny but did anyone listen. No You Bastards!!!!

  7. Bugs no. Jessica Rabbit, schwing!

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